Why Resilience is Not Serving You with Liz Svatek (“Conversations with Warrior Women”)
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Did you know that resilience is not serving you? That’s right; you heard us!   Phenomenal Warrior Women Coach Liz Svatek explains, "So many people are carrying residual heaviness from 2021. Exhaustion, resentment, bad marriages, fear, weight gain. It’s okay to not be okay. No one is ok. The reason I say, ‘resilience is b.s.' is because we just can’t bounce back. We need to feel it to heal it."   Liz believes women aren’t born warriors; we become them. She runs Mastermind Groups, she’s a Warrior Woman Coach, and she hosts the popular podcast, “Conversations with Warrior Women” where she interviews trailblazing women leaping for greatness! (www.lizsvatek.com) Liz shares, “I tell my clients, 'Don’t believe a thought that you think.' Our thoughts are choices. We can reprogram and rewire our brain. It’s called neuroplasticity.”   We use our subconscious mind 95% of the time and our conscious mind only 5% of the time, which means we’re all sleepwalking. In this episode Liz will show you how to tap into “radical personal responsibility.” Liz started her podcast “Conversations with Warrior Women” to build a community to help her with her daughter who is dealing with ulcerative colitis and her son with learning challenges who just started a new school. Liz emphasizes, “Fear is a blueprint, an indication of exactly what you need to be doing. You gotta get out of the ‘how.’ The how is none of your business. That’s where God comes in. We all have our own divine downloads.” Put yourself back on the to do list again in the new year and join Liz’s Mastermind Class. One of Liz’s life scriptures is 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but the power of love.” Liz laughs, “I help women break up with fear. He’s a bad boyfriend."
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