Out with the Trash! (Season 1, Episode 29)
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Moving into a new season requires letting go of some things. We can prepare ourselves to advance into what God is doing now by removing obsolete items from the past. Listen in to hear how there’s a time to fill up the garbage bin and take out the trash!

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Show notes:

Episode 29: Out with the Trash!


Transitioning into a new season is an interesting process. If we are not careful, we will carry obsolete junk from the past into our new place of occupation.

God is up to something. It’s a new thing. It requires fresh perspectives, free of the filters of past expectations. He wants our focused attention. Oftentimes, the old treasures become distractions as we enter into the new.

There is a process called separation unto increase. The premise is once we separate from the old, we are free to increase into the new. A seed has to fall into the ground and die before life can come forth. Jesus lived and died. His increase through His resurrection is realized by us today.

We are in a global course correction. God is using the shifts in our society and homes to move us into maturity. This maturation process requires a separation from the old. We see this in our children – from womb to birth, and age to age of growth. He is doing the same with us today.

What is occupying your time? Are you holding onto things from the past? Are your expectations in line with what God is doing now? Do you shuffle old trinkets, papers, cassettes, etc. from one place to another? Do you enjoy that they are in your possession? Do you look at that pile of old stuff and think “I really should deal with that!” yet procrastinate. All these things are time stealers!

Its time to review what we hold onto. Look around. Look within. Are there any things that need to go in the garbage bin?


Richard and Kimberly Wilson, Executive Directors of Watchmen Arise International serve as corporate trainers of societal transforming Christians. Together they co-host the Occupying Force podcast, authored Preparing for Battle, and numerous courses designed to further your influence in this world. They are popular speakers who activate regional teams and individuals alike in the areas of spiritual management, civil engagement, and transformed communities. To find out more about the Wilsons and interactive online training opportunities visit www.watchmenarise.com.


  • Ecclesiastes 3:1,6b


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