They Play Games
They Play Games
Jul 9, 2023
Episode 11: Neurodiversity and Gender
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A podcaster is always on time, never late πŸ™„ This, like all my episodes to be fair, was a delightful episode to record and I had so much fun while learning! Neurodiversity is a topic that was once shunned, like gender, and is now getting the attention and love it so desperatly needs. Β We still face the stigmas around it however I was able to sit down with Phoebe, (She/Her), and discuss how they both interlink with each other.

About Phoebe (She/Her)Phoebe is a neurodivergent transwoman with a strong interest in neuro and gender diversity in the workplace. Once they were was diagnosed with autism and came out as trans, they became hyper-fixated on learning about neurodiverse experiences, gender diverse experiences, and the experiences of people who intersect the two.Β 

Phoebe also currently work as an Unreal and AI Programmer at Dragon's Lake Entertainment.Β 

Phoebe has an amazing side project, Take A Mo, that aims to provide support for gender diverse and neurodiverse people at work. To find more infomation about Take A Mo follow:

🧠 Website: 🧠 Instagram:

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