Recover with Colleen
Colleen Kachmann
The biggest problem with sobriety is not giving up alcohol. It's figuring out how to enjoy yourself again. And if your identity remains linked to alcohol (as an alcoholic/addict, sober or even non-drinker), you may continue to suffer from mood disorders, low energy and ADHD. Because alcohol use disorder and post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) are two sides of the same coin. This is a thinking problem, not a drinking problem. Which is why I still felt hungover a year into sobriety. Because I was as obsessed with alcohol free living as I'd been with drinking. I'm now a sober-ish recovery coach helping sober curious and gray area drinkers heal their brains with EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY so they can trust themselves again--with or without a drink in their hand. The only rule you need to follow is your own intuition. Every Monday, I'll share science-based self-care strategies that will reintegrate your mind and body. So you can resolve the urge to numb and escape your life for good. Subscribe so you never miss an episode. Learn more about my work at
Recover with Colleen
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