It's Not About the Alcohol
Colleen Kachmann
Would you like to reduce your alcohol intake with holistic and evidenced-based coping strategies instead of surrendering your power to AA? And even learn how to enjoy social drinking without worrying about losing control? Most gray-area drinkers assume overdrinking is caused by a lack of willpower and/or integrity. So they make the mistake of either struggling with alcohol use disorder in secret or admitting they’re an alcoholic and swearing to a lifetime of sobriety. Whether you’re a daily drinker who can’t break the habit, or you're still going to sobriety meetings even though you don’t drink anymore, the real problem is that your identity is tied to alcohol. You need to update the story of who you are... I’m a sober-ish 😉 recovery coach who’s helped thousands of high achieving women learn how drinking less (or not at all) is actually a superpower, even when the idea of giving up the only thing that really takes the edge off feels impossible. Pursuing happiness (instead of sobriety) will restore your willpower and integrity. Because truly happy people don’t drink themselves into a stupor. Your purpose in life has nothing to do with alcohol. Join me each week for holistic, evidence-based strategies to fix your dopamine deficit, regulate your nervous system, deal with post acute withdrawal syndrome, manage sugar cravings, improve your sleep and reclaim your mental health so you no longer have the urge to escape your own life.
It's Not About the Alcohol
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