50 | ASML & EUV Lithography Deep Dive with Asianometry
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My guest today is Jon from Asianometry (@asianometry), creator of the hugely popular Asianometry YouTube channel where he posts video essays on business, economics, and history within Asia.

In this conversation, we cover EUV Lithography, ASML, and everything in between from how it all works to their impact on the world and what it all means.

I hope you enjoy this deep dive on ASML & EUV Lithography Deep Dive with Asianometry.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - What is EUV lithography, how does it work, and why is it important?

[00:06:14] - Who is ASML? 

[00:07:49] - Can other companies make EUV machines? How big is that jump?

[00:11:17] - Describing the insanity of ASML’s EUV machines

[00:14:21] - ASML’s relationship with suppliers

[00:16:13] - ASML and vertical integration? Can they become a fab?

[00:18:06] - Is de-globalization a threat to ASML's asset-light model?

[00:18:43] - Why zero defectivity is one of EUV lithography’s key challenges to overcome

[00:21:46] - The insane mirrors in an EUV machine

[00:23:22] - Can we even build a simpler, cheaper EV machine?

[00:25:20] - What’s next after EUV?

[00:27:52] - What kind of threat is the emergence of 3D DRAM that places more emphasis on itching and other processes rather than lithography?

[00:31:40] - The power consumption problem for EUV machines

[00:32:52] - Talking about the insanity of TSMC’s fabs

[00:34:42] - Does it worry Jon how much of the world economy is dependent on so few companies?

[00:37:53] - Wrapping up




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Mentioned/Recommended Content:

ASML YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKtxx9TnH76R3D0aXnw-IVVaA383XTfMv 




Special thanks:

Many thanks to @Vathashimo on Twitter for contributing questions! 




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