Ep. 63 - Risk, Sacrifice & Why Kindness is a Requirement for Effective Leadership in Your Community with Mando Fresko
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Mando Fresko is a Mexican-American entrepreneur, speaker, and media personality who’s getting candid about why his main priority in life is kindness.

Listen in as he joins Ruben to talk about the beautiful journey that is finding your true self, making a positive impact on your community, and pursuing what you love no matter what society or your family tells you.

What does Mando think about living life through love? It requires risk and sacrifice, but there’s more love in the world than you think - just look, listen, and feel for it.

Key Highlights

  • Mando shares what inspired him to go against the grain of his culture and societal norms, enter the entertainment industry, and start his own radio show.
  • He describes the work ethic and love ethic he’s developed to find success in life & why he doesn’t work for the money, but rather for happiness.
  • Being of service to your community hits harder than you think!
  • How do we show up in the world the way we want to be treated? How can we be a vessel for love and kindness, so we can give and receive more easily?
  • Mando speaks on how the Latinx community can influence positive change and create a culture of love in America - right alongside the BLM movement.

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Love Notes from Mando Fresko:

If you love something, do it. Do it because you love it, do it because you’re passionate about it, do it because it’s feeding your heart.

Lately, I’m making an extra effort to just be a vessel of kindness because I want that for me. I want people to be kind to me.

My heart has a six pack right now, my heart looks like The Rock… It’s a muscle you have to work out.

Living a life through love, I would say, is a life where you make choices to put your heart into everything that you do.

Love is 365, man.

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