Rosie Radio
Rosie Radio
Jul 17, 2022
The Missing Link: How to Optimize Minerals for Energy, Brain Fog & Optimal Detox
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We often hear how important it is to optimize our mineral levels, particularly magnesium. So imagine my surprise when I did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test … and my magnesium levels were high.  


Which meant my cells weren’t absorbing the magnesium I was taking. 😳

When Barton Scott, founder of Upgraded Formulas, reviewed my lab results, he pointed out that my trouble concentrating for longer periods of time was likely related to my adrenals struggling.Which, unbeknownst to him, my adrenal function has been chronically low in part because of the untreated mold.The a-has I’ve gotten around the importance of optimizing our minerals with proper testing just keep on coming.We need optimal mineral balance for our bodies to successfully detoxify (!!!), balance our hormones, improve adrenal function, optimize our thyroid … All things that I personally have been healing.I’ve been taking “all the things,” and it was really surprising to learn that a lot of what I’m taking isn’t being absorbed properly by my body.Barton has a unique line of mineral supplements that utilize nanotechnology that makes them highly absorbed by the body.  In this episode of Rosie Radio, we’re going to review my lab results and discuss some Barton’s of recommendations.This will be an eye-opening interview!  My intention is for you to connect some of the same a-has I did so you, too, will do the HTMA and get your minerals optimized!

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