Episode 29: Schyken Nuggets of Wisdom
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Community member, Linux voyager and elementary OS enthusiast Schykle joins me to discuss a wide range of topics this week. We begin with a look at his distro-hopping origin story and why he ended up sticking with elementary OS. Then we dig deep into community behavior and both of us share some of our struggles in dealing with toxicity.

PLUS: Liam is back for another awesome Linux Gaming Report, and I read some of your letters about dual-booting and Salient OS.

Special Guests: Liam Dawe and Schykle (Clayton).

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Allan Jude
385: Wireguard VPN mesh
Description: History of FreeBSD: Early Days of FreeBSD, mesh VPN using OpenBSD and WireGuard, FreeBSD Foundation Sponsors LLDB Improvements, Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD, and more. NOTES This episode of BSDNow is brought to you by Tarsnap (https://www.tarsnap.com/bsdnow) Headlines History of FreeBSD - Part 3: Early Days of FreeBSD (https://klarasystems.com/articles/history-of-freebsd-part-3-early-days-of-freebsd/?utm_source=bsdnow) In this third part of our series on the history of FreeBSD, we start tracing the early days of FreeBSD and the events that would eventually shape the project and the future of open source software. A mesh VPN using OpenBSD and WireGuard (https://www.tumfatig.net/20201202/a-mesh-vpn-using-openbsd-and-wireguard/?utm_source=bsdnow) WireGuard is a new coming to OpenBSD 6.8 and it looks like a simple and efficient way to connect computers. I own a few VPS (hello Vultr, hello OpenBSD.amsterdam) that tend to be connected through filtered public services and/or SSH tunnels. And that’s neither efficient nor easy to manage. Here comes the wg(4) era where all those peers will communicate with a bit more privacy and ease of management. News Roundup Foundation Sponsors FreeBSD LLDB Improvements (https://freebsdfoundation.org/blog/guest-blog-foundation-sponsors-freebsd-lldb-improvements/?utm_source=bsdnow) With FreeBSD Foundation grant, Moritz Systems improved LLDB support for FreeBSD The LLDB project builds on libraries provided by LLVM and Clang to provide a great modern debugger. It uses the Clang ASTs and the expression parser, LLVM JIT, LLVM disassembler, etc so that it provides an experience that “just works”. It is also blazing fast and more permissively licensed than GDB, the GNU Debugger. LLDB is the default debugger in Xcode on macOS and supports debugging C, Objective-C, and C++ on the desktop and iOS devices and the simulator. Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD (https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2020-12-14-cryptpad-openbsd.html) In this article I will explain how to deploy your own Cryptpad instance with OpenBSD. Cryptpad is a web office suite featuring easy real time collaboration on documents. Cryptpad is written in JavaScript and the daemon acts as a web server. Beastie Bits OPNsense 20.7.7 Released (https://opnsense.org/opnsense-20-7-7-released/?utm_source=bsdnow) Introducing OpenZFS 2.0 Webinar - Jan 20th @ noon Eastern / 17:00 UTC. (https://klarasystems.com/learning/webinars/webinar-introducing-openzfs-2-0/?utm_source=bsdnow) BSD In Die Hard (https://www.reddit.com/r/BSD/comments/kk3c6y/merry_xmas/) Managing jails with Ansible: a showcase for building a container infrastructure on FreeBSD (https://papers.freebsd.org/2019/bsdcan/dengg-managing_jails_with_ansible/) BSD Hardware (https://bsd-hardware.info) New WINE chapter in FreeBSD handbook (https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/wine.html) *** Tarsnap This weeks episode of BSDNow was sponsored by our friends at Tarsnap, the only secure online backup you can trust your data to. Even paranoids need backups. *** Feedback/Questions scott- zfs question (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/385/feedback/scott-%20zfs%20question) Bruce - copy paste on esxi (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/385/feedback/Bruce%20-%20copy%20paste%20on%20esxi) Julian - an apology for Allan (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/385/feedback/Julian%20-%20an%20apology%20for%20Allan) Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to feedback@bsdnow.tv (mailto:feedback@bsdnow.tv)
34 min
The Dart Developer Show
The Dart Developer Show
Daliso Zuze
Engineering a Production Ready Flutter App with Casey Daniel
Building a professional grade mobile app is not easy. A lot of effort goes into making your app bug free, performant, pleasant to use and maintainable over time. This gets easier with years of experience and it is helpful to have a coach to help you master these skills. Our guest on this episode is Casey Daniel. Casey has been a professional mobile developer for 5 years and he wants to help other people become professional mobile developers by helping them bridge the divide from building toy apps to building industrial strength and maintainable apps. Casey has recently turned his focus to Flutter app development for applications in the healthcare space. Casey joins the show to discuss his experience and lessons learned in building production ready mobile apps. Casey also talks about the content he is creating to help others get skilled up as professional developers. 01:20 Casey's Background 04:48 What goes into building a mobile app 06:03 Clean architecture 07:25 Skills / specializations in an app development team 09:46 Best practices in mobile app development 12:13 Flutter mobile app development 14:47 Packages and Plugins 16:38 Flutter Animations 18:38 Unit testing / UI testing 20:04 Analytics monitoring / crash reporting 22:27 Internationalization / Localization 24:55 MYNORMATIVE app 29:30 Favorite Flutter apps 30:27 Casey's blog, YouTube channel and podcast 31:44 How to connect with Casey online Links: Blog: https://whitewhiskywolf.com/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQen30Eh8QU_Y3w0JLpriLg/ MYNORMATIVE App: https://mynormative.app/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteWhiskyWol1
33 min
Sudo Show
Sudo Show
Destination Linux Network
16: Starting a Home Lab
In our first episode of 2021, we'll dive straight into our home labs, how to plan your lab, buy or build your own servers, some cool projects to get you started, and take a look at Inbox Zero. All that and more on the Sudo Show! Destination Linux Network (https://destinationlinux.network) Sudo Show Website (https://sudo.show) Sponsor: Digital Ocean (https://do.co/dln) Sponsor: Bitwarden (https://bitwarden.com/dln) Sudo Show Swag (https://sudo.show/swag) Contact Us: * DLN Discourse (https://sudo.show/discuss) * Email Us! (mailto:contact@sudo.show) * Matrix: +sudoshow:matrix.org Game Sphere (https://gamesphere.show/) CentOS Announcement: * Destination Linux 204: Interview with Red Hat's Mike McGrath (https://destinationlinux.org/episode-204/) * CrunchTools - Before Yout Get Mad About the CentOS Stream Change (https://crunchtools.com/before-you-get-mad-about-the-centos-stream-change-think-about/) Home Labs: Eric's Server Specs (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pCvP68) HPE BladeSystem c3000 (https://buy.hpe.com/us/en/options/enclosures-chassis/bladesystem-c-class-enclosures/bladesystem-c-class-enclosures/hpe-bladesystem-c3000-enclosures/p/3540808) Pine64 RockPro (https://www.pine64.org/rockpro64/) New Egg - Computer Parts, PC Components (https://www.newegg.com/) Server Monkey - New, Used, Refurbished Servers (https://www.servermonkey.com/) Home Networking: Unifi Security Gateway (https://www.ui.com/unifi-routing/usg/) Unifi 8-Port POE Switch (https://www.ui.com/unifi-switching/unifi-switch-8/) Unifi AP AC Pro (https://www.ui.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-pro/) Projects: Red Hat Developer Subscription (https://developers.redhat.com/) oVirt (https://www.ovirt.org/) Seafile - Open Source File Sync (https://www.seafile.com/en/home/) SeaTable (https://seatable.io/en/) Only Office - Online Office for Business (https://www.onlyoffice.com/) Nextcloud (https://nextcloud.com/) Zimbra - Email Collaboration (https://www.zimbra.com/) ITZG Dockerized Minecraft (https://github.com/itzg/docker-minecraft-server) Home Assistant (https://www.home-assistant.io/) Plex - Stream Easier (https://www.plex.tv/) Wireguard VPN (https://www.wireguard.com/) CrowdSec (https://crowdsec.net/) Ceph Storage (https://ceph.io/ceph-storage/) Productivity Corner How To Geek: What is Inbox Zero and How Can You Achieve It? (https://www.howtogeek.com/413507/what-is-inbox-zero-and-how-can-you-achieve-it/) Inoreader - Take back control of your news (https://www.inoreader.com)
42 min
Ask Noah Show
Ask Noah Show
Noah J. Chelliah
Episode 216: Red Hat's New Deal
RedHat is expanding the developer program making it easier than ever to access RHEL! Now individuals can run 16 RHEL servers under this new program. Brian Exelbierd joins us this hour to discuss this new program and how it addresses many of the concerns raised in the transition from CentOS to CentOS Stream. -- During The Show -- Email 1 - Signal vs Telegram - Eddie Telegram vs Signal for messaging? Telegram client is open source and supports Linux Telegram server is closed source Signal is more secure but requires a phone number Phone numbers can reveal your real identity Moxie Marlinspike (Matthew Rosenfeld) - really particular about 3rd party clients, makes it not very inviting link (https://github.com/LibreSignal/LibreSignal/issues/37#issuecomment-217211165) Not so great when your playing with alternative operating systems (SailfishOS PostmarketOS), Signal has to make a client, rather than just supporting an API Use Element/Matrix Setup your own server Sign up for paid hosting EMS (https://element.io/plans-and-pricing/pro) Sign up for free on a community server like Linux Delta (https://element.linuxdelta.com/#/welcome) Minutes In 07:50 Run Matrix on CoreOS https://fedoramagazine.org/deploy-your-own-matrix-server-on-fedora-coreos/ With Fedora CoreOS, you get all the benefits of Fedora (podman, cgroups v2, SELinux) packaged in a minimal automatically updating system thanks to rpm-ostree. Running a Matrix service requires the following software: Synapse: a Matrix server PostgreSQL: a database Nginx: a web server Let’s Encrypt: a certificate provider Element: a Matrix web client Minutes In 09:30 Email 2 - How to Stream a Live Event without YT - M.X.U. streamyard (https://streamyard.com/) Open Broadcaster Software OBS (https://obsproject.com/) Setting up your own CDN is impractical Setup an RTMP server with Nginx (http://ost.altspd.com/kb/faq.php?id=87) Community based CDN Scale Engine Instant Trial (https://www.scaleengine.com/livedemo/lead/frontpage) Minutes In 15:50 Email 3 - User Responds to James' Question - Landon Deja Dupe (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/DejaDup) Only backs up working files not the entire OS Incremental Backups and Multiple file versions Similar to Mac TimeMachine Minutes In 18:40 Email 4 - Please Expand on Self Hosting without Net Neutrality - Will Owning your own server doesn't fix getting online Decentralized infrastructure make taking people offline hard Minutes In 22:10 Email 5 - Which Episode for Parental Control? - Lucas Life360 (https://www.life360.com/) Life360 is partnered with Arity (analytic company) link (https://www.life360.com/privacy_policy/) CA Do not sell (https://www.life360.com/california-legal-notice/) No longer used or recommended Check out OwnTracks (https://owntracks.org) Uses MQTT, lightweight, and you can self host Minutes In 25:15 Pick of the Week MMORPGTycoon2 (https://store.steampowered.com/app/486860/MMORPG_Tycoon_2/) It's a Single Player MMO / Building an MMO Independent Game shop https://www.vectorstorm.com.au/ Early Access, expect bugs Developer is very active in the community and wants feedback Massively addicting Minutes In 28:10 Gadget of the Week OSMC Vero 4K FLIRC IR receiver (https://flirc.tv/) OSMC (https://osmc.tv/download/) project is a rock solid Kodi platform OSMC Vero 4K (https://osmc.tv/vero/) Minutes In 31:35 RedHat Interview Guest: Brian Excelbeard Moving to CentOS Stream brings more transparency and opportunity for involvement IBM was not even in the room for the discussion New programs are in the work for cloud workloads beyond today's announcement RedHat is reducing friction for getting official RHEL by integrating other account systems Expanding the personal free options, more than just RHEL Making it easier for enterprise customers to get their employees enrolled in developer accounts Have a unique use case problem? email Brian directly centos-questions@redhat.com Official Announcement (http://redhat.com/en/blog/new-year-new-red-hat-enterprise-linux-programs-easier-ways-access-rhel) -- The Extra Credit Section -- For links to the articles and material referenced in this week's episode check out this week's page from our podcast dashboard! This Episode's Podcast Dashboard (http://podcast.asknoahshow.com/216) Phone Systems for Ask Noah provided by Voxtelesys (http://www.voxtelesys.com/asknoah) Join us in our dedicated chatroom #AskNoahShow on Freenode! -- Stay In Touch -- Find all the resources for this show on the Ask Noah Dashboard Ask Noah Dashboard (http://www.asknoahshow.com) Need more help than a radio show can offer? Altispeed provides commercial IT services and they’re excited to offer you a great deal for listening to the Ask Noah Show. Call today and ask about the discount for listeners of the Ask Noah Show! Altispeed Technologies (http://www.altispeed.com/) Contact Noah live [at] asknoahshow.com -- Twitter -- Noah - Kernellinux (https://twitter.com/kernellinux) Ask Noah Show (https://twitter.com/asknoahshow) Altispeed Technologies (https://twitter.com/altispeed)
58 min
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