Linux For Everyone
Linux For Everyone
Aug 19, 2019
Episode 4 BONUS: DasGeek Interview Lightning Round!
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Enjoy a short piece of bonus content that wasn't included in Episode 4. It's a community-submitted LIGHTNING ROUND of questions for Ryan aka DasGeek!

Special Guest: Ryan (aka DasGeek).

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Allan Jude
385: Wireguard VPN mesh
Description: History of FreeBSD: Early Days of FreeBSD, mesh VPN using OpenBSD and WireGuard, FreeBSD Foundation Sponsors LLDB Improvements, Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD, and more. NOTES This episode of BSDNow is brought to you by Tarsnap ( Headlines History of FreeBSD - Part 3: Early Days of FreeBSD ( In this third part of our series on the history of FreeBSD, we start tracing the early days of FreeBSD and the events that would eventually shape the project and the future of open source software. A mesh VPN using OpenBSD and WireGuard ( WireGuard is a new coming to OpenBSD 6.8 and it looks like a simple and efficient way to connect computers. I own a few VPS (hello Vultr, hello that tend to be connected through filtered public services and/or SSH tunnels. And that’s neither efficient nor easy to manage. Here comes the wg(4) era where all those peers will communicate with a bit more privacy and ease of management. News Roundup Foundation Sponsors FreeBSD LLDB Improvements ( With FreeBSD Foundation grant, Moritz Systems improved LLDB support for FreeBSD The LLDB project builds on libraries provided by LLVM and Clang to provide a great modern debugger. It uses the Clang ASTs and the expression parser, LLVM JIT, LLVM disassembler, etc so that it provides an experience that “just works”. It is also blazing fast and more permissively licensed than GDB, the GNU Debugger. LLDB is the default debugger in Xcode on macOS and supports debugging C, Objective-C, and C++ on the desktop and iOS devices and the simulator. Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD ( In this article I will explain how to deploy your own Cryptpad instance with OpenBSD. Cryptpad is a web office suite featuring easy real time collaboration on documents. Cryptpad is written in JavaScript and the daemon acts as a web server. Beastie Bits OPNsense 20.7.7 Released ( Introducing OpenZFS 2.0 Webinar - Jan 20th @ noon Eastern / 17:00 UTC. ( BSD In Die Hard ( Managing jails with Ansible: a showcase for building a container infrastructure on FreeBSD ( BSD Hardware ( New WINE chapter in FreeBSD handbook ( *** Tarsnap This weeks episode of BSDNow was sponsored by our friends at Tarsnap, the only secure online backup you can trust your data to. Even paranoids need backups. *** Feedback/Questions scott- zfs question ( Bruce - copy paste on esxi ( Julian - an apology for Allan ( Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to (
34 min
Python Bytes
Python Bytes
Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken
#216 Container: Sort thyself!
Sponsored by Datadog: Special guest: Jousef Murad, Engineered Mind podcast (audio, video) Watch on YouTube Brian #1: pip search. Just don’t. * pip search [query] is supposed to “Search for PyPI packages whose name or summary contains [query]” * The search feature looks like it’s going to be removed and the PyPI api for it removed. * Alternative, and better approach, just manually look at and search for stuff. * Right now it does this: $ pip search pytest ERROR: Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): ... [longish traceback ommited] --- xmlrpc.client.Fault: [Fault -32500: "RuntimeError: PyPI's XMLRPC API has been temporarily disabled due to unmanageable load and will be deprecated in the near future. See for more information."] * The Python Infrastructure status page says, as of Jan 12: “Update - The XMLRPC Search endpoint remains disabled due to ongoing request volume. As of this update, there has been no reduction in inbound traffic to the endpoint from abusive IPs and we are unable to re-enable the endpoint, as it would immediately cause PyPI service to degrade again.” * This started becoming a problem in mid December. * The endpoint was just never architected to handle the scale it’s getting now. * There’s a current issue “Remove the pip search command”, open on pip. * The commend thread is locked now, but you can read some of the history. * I personally don’t understand the need to hammer search with a CI system or other. * Probably should be using a local cache or local pypi mirror for an active/aggressive CI system. * If you have scripts or jobs that run pip search , it ain’t gonna work, so probably best to remove that. Michael #2: QPython - Scripting for Android with Python * Python REPL on Android - interesting * Scripting Android tasks with Python - more interesting * Free, open source app that is ad supported. * Some people have commented that their phone is their only “computer” * With SL4A features, you can use Python programming to control Android work: * Android Apps API, such as: Application, Activity, Intent & startActivity, SendBroadcast, PackageVersion, System, Toast, Notify, Settings, Preferences, GUI * Android Resources Manager, such as: Contact, Location, Phone, Sms, ToneGenerator, WakeLock, WifiLock, Clipboard, NetworkStatus, MediaPlayer * Third App Integrations, such as: Barcode, Browser, SpeechRecongition, SendEmail, TextToSpeech * Hardwared Manager: Carmer, Sensor, Ringer & Media Volume, Screen Brightness, Battery, Bluetooth, SignalStrength, WebCam, Vibrate, NFC, USB Jousef #3: Thesis: Deep Learning assistant for designers/engineers * PyTorch (3D) / TensorFlow * The thesis: what is it actually about & goal of the thesis * Libraries mainly used: numpy, pandas * (Reinforcement Learning & GANs) Brian #4: sortedcontainers * Thanks to Fanchen Bao for the topic suggestion. * Pure-Python, as fast as C-extensions, sorted collections library. >>> from sortedcontainers import SortedList >>> sl = SortedList(['e', 'a', 'c', 'd', 'b']) >>> sl SortedList(['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']) >>> sl *= 10_000_000 >>> sl.count('c') 10000000 >>> sl[-3:] ['e', 'e', 'e'] >>> from sortedcontainers import SortedDict >>> sd = SortedDict({'c': 3, 'a': 1, 'b': 2}) >>> sd SortedDict({'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3}) >>> sd.popitem(index=-1) ('c', 3) >>> from sortedcontainers import SortedSet >>> ss = SortedSet('abracadabra') >>> ss SortedSet(['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'r']) >>> ss.bisect_left('c') 2 * “All of the operations shown above run in faster than linear time.” * Types: * SortedList * SortedKeyList (like SortedList, but you pass in a key function, similar to key in Pythons sorted function.) * SortedDict * SortedSet * Great documentation and tons of performance metrics in the docs. Michael #5: Łukasz Langa Typed Twitter Thread * Let’s riff on typing for a bit. * Here is my philosophy: If I have to type more than three characters to complete a symbol in my editor, something is wrong. * e.g. to go from email_service. → email_service.send_account_email() I should only need to type .sae then tab/enter. These types of things are vastly better because of type hints. * Python type hints are more malleable than even TypeScript. * Lukasz is addressing this comment: Controversial take: Types in a Python code-base are a net negative. * Points * put enough annotations and tooling connects the dots, making plenty of errors evident. * The most common to me at least is when a None creeps in. * The second bug often caught by type checkers is on the "return" boundary: one of your code paths forgets a return. * squiggly lines in your editor * Microsoft is now developing powerful type checking and code completion for Python in VSCode. This effort employs a member of the Python Steering Council, and possibly also the creator of Python himself soon. You think they would settle for "illusion of productivity"? Jousef #6: * Point Cloud operations → open3d Extras: Michael: * via Francisco Giordano Silva: On Brian's ref to using numpy all for array element-wise comparison, also please check out numpy.allclose method. Allows you to compare two arrays based on a given tolerance. Brian: * Just this: 2021 is exhausting so far. * Test & Code has shifted to every other week to allow time for other projects I’m working on. * This is probably a short term change. But I don’t know for how long. It’s definitely not going away though. Just slowing down a bit. Jousef: Engineered Mind podcast
36 min
Ask Noah Show
Ask Noah Show
Noah J. Chelliah
Episode 215: Self-Hosting Your Platform
Self-hosting has always been a good idea but when your platform doesn't want to serve you, we have some self-hosted options that will. A Reddit user has Linux booting on an iPhone 7, a man was quoted $50K to run fiber to his house, so he built his own fiber ISP! -- During The Show -- 00:30 Minutes In Email 1 - Feedback from EP 212 Bluetooth and Drawing Tablet - David HSP/HFP designed for phones not computers Bluetooth support on Linux is difficult due to the way blue-tooth works (uses modem commands on mobile) Possible Solutions that bypass Linux blue-tooth stack Links to the 1Mii USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC ( This is Creative's version if you are looking for a more popular brand name. ( XP-PEN came up and they have a driver for Linux. It is a little bit hokey in the sense that their configuration application needs to be running in order for it to work. It does not always survive suspend/resume, but it is easy to launch again. Their non-display models also have good support for left-hand versus right-hand drawing When used as a display, there is no left-hand mode because it relies on dm to configure the display We purchased an xp-pen innovator 16 It is a 1080p 15.6 inch matte screen with hardware buttons connected via HDMI and 2 USB ports XP-PEN ( seems like a good company Link to first photo made with the tablet ( 06:00 Minutes In Email 2 - VPN Recommendation? - Ira What is the best VPN company? private internet access ( They have a track history of NOT turning over user data, they get called into court they say we'd love to comply but we don't have the documents. affiliate link ( 08:30 Minutes In Email 3 - Matrix Support Spreading - Charliebrownau is supporting Matrix Protocol link ( ( is an alternative to Facebook and other big social networks 09:20 Minutes In Email 4 - Censorship - Rob What are your thoughts on Mozzila's blog post ( 11:15 Minutes in Pick of the Week MediaCMS ( Fully featured open source video and media CMS Built mostly using the modern stack Django + React and includes a REST API No federation 14:00 Minutes In Gadget of the Week Dell's new thunderbolt dock Dell WD19TB ( Built in thunderbolt cable Additional rear facing thunderbolt pass-through port 2x Display Ports 1x HDMI 2x Rear USB 1x Front Facing USB Dell's USB C dock Dell WD15 ( 17:00 Minutes In News Guy by the name of Daniel Rodriguez managed to boot Linux with Gnome on an iPhone 7 YouTube Video ( Reddit write up ( Phone that was given to him by his grandparents as a junk device, He saved it from the landfill! Prerequisites writable directory available over nfs, including dhcp server on local network Checkra1n 0.10.2-beta ( Kernel fork for h9x/A10 ( Project sandcastle utilities ( EITHER arm64 cross compiler or an arm64 native device. I used a rpi4 on 20.04 <-- way helpful to be able to chroot and setup, otherwise you'd have to use qemu-user Bridge setup script/udev rules ( 21:00 Minutes In Jared Mauch Built his Own ISP Jared Mauch didn’t have good broadband—so he built his own fiber ISP Arstechnica link ( AT&T's advertised plans for his neighborhood topped out at a measly 1.5Mbps Eventually switched to a WISP that delivered about 50Mbps Comcast told him it would charge $50,000 to extend its cable network to his house Mauch built his own ISP (buried the fiber for 10,000) As of early January, Mauch has 30 homes and 10 homes to hookup Large corporate Business are not afraid of government and government regulations ISPs are going to learn, do it or get replaced Starlink is becoming a thing, Amazon satellite internet is coming 27:30 Minutes In Main Segment De-platforming / Self hosting Violence is wrong, Full stop Gate keeping in the broadcast industry changed when the internet became a thing Groups and People were banned from twitter so they moved to Parler Amazon kicked Parler off its hosting services ( Google and Apple kicked the Parler app off their platforms ( Mozzila blog post ( Community discussion (sorry to much to summarize listen to the episode) Honorable Mention TeamSpeak ( 5 is going to be switching to the Matrix protocol for chat Will not federate Mumble ( is a better option -- The Extra Credit Section -- For links to the articles and material referenced in this week's episode check out this week's page from our podcast dashboard! This Episode's Podcast Dashboard ( Phone Systems for Ask Noah provided by Voxtelesys ( Join us in our dedicated chatroom #AskNoahShow on Freenode! -- Stay In Touch -- Find all the resources for this show on the Ask Noah Dashboard Ask Noah Dashboard ( Need more help than a radio show can offer? Altispeed provides commercial IT services and they’re excited to offer you a great deal for listening to the Ask Noah Show. Call today and ask about the discount for listeners of the Ask Noah Show! Altispeed Technologies ( Contact Noah live [at] -- Twitter -- Noah - Kernellinux ( Ask Noah Show ( Altispeed Technologies (
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