Day 13 - Define Progress
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I’m gonna give this one a bit of a go but it is a bit of a tongue twister….Those who bagged their game and made their camp snug and secure bedded down with contentment.
The adventurer contentedly thought that the hard life was well worth it.

The snakes are out in the post rain heat as I see their tracks crossing the roads.
The patterns of movement are stored in me that way.

I’m becoming very good at pinpointing sounds. The trick is to gauge a distance to a sound across a woodland. I imagine throwing a pebble across the terrain and trying the land it where the sound came from.

I keep thinking of the idea of the difference between how something works and what I means. Surely we are so good at the first and losing the second.

Story of Harry Kirkman.

This experience could turn me into something of a luddite.

Story of Ian Player who understood what wilderness meant to the wellbeing of the world. Founder of the Wilderness Leadership institute.
There are profound unintended consequences to a lantern.

Right I just need to personally redefine progress.

Once when I was driving along with Renias we came to a waterhole. A small herd of impala was just arriving at the waters edge.

I’m asking myself, what actually creates satisfaction and how do I cultivate it daily. Not more, but more of what I actually want.

Have you ever had a memory of your future? Preremebering is an art form. It’s imagining out of a deep knowing what your life ought to be.
I’m interested what the future of human life could be and how we can create it.
We are poised for a great premembering.

Back to a mindful relationship with nature if certainly underway. If you are listening to this you are already part of it.

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