Day 20 - Centered
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This morning at Dawn a spur fowl flew over me in sheer terror. A second after a goshawk came past, silent with its wings tucked.

Thinking a lot about how information is transferred. Want to follow an elephant bull for a whole day. Following one took me into a grove of green grass and trees. I followed signs of crushed foliage and chewed branches.

I have been alone for twenty days and have a profound relationship with the stillness.

The 3 elephant bulls were in a mud wallow. I could feel them pulling me into their frequency as if in treacle. As they moved there was clearly a silent code between them. Silently without touching a sensing would occur and one bull would give way to another.

I just stayed there on that termite mound. Somewhere below me termites were farming fungi.
What do we know of experiencing life when we reduce it to only what we can explain. Felt experiences are a frontier. I am sleeping at the frequency of the wilderness. What information is happening at my cellular levels? How much code can pass between you and another? What worlds of information are there in a glance?

If I had a conclusion for twenty days in, I would say this. A very smart team of people are working very hard at keeping your attention.
Felt experience and our relationship with its creation is where the foundations of meaning constellate.
Nature is a network of infinite interlocking intelligences emitting frequencies that you can tune into at levels way beyond knowing the names of birds and trees.

If you do your capacity for imagination, innovation and feeling return naturally. Life comes back to life.
Simplicity is a lost art form and its radically different to making things easier to do. Firelight is essential to the wellbeing of spirit.

The most sought after art form of the future is will be the creation of gatherings where people are guided out of pretence and perspex enclosed lives into deeper encounters with others and all lives.

A strange phenomenon of memories playing out to me. I can see the difference between what is happening and what I believe is happening.

I don’t know, thank God. I surrender.

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