Day 11 - Paradise Lost
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Day 11 - Paradise Lost

I suspect things get a little wierder from here. Or a little mysterious depending on how you look at it. The leopards are still mating up and down the river, as if living next door to a noisy couple.

I know I must resist to fall all the way into the poetic, but its difficult, everything is so beautiful.

Lourens van der Post- Story after the war. Van Der Post came to camp alone in this wild Eastern region.

In the heat of the day I was cooking my pap by the base of the tree with two dish towels drying on the branch. For a moment the site of them took me into a state of absolute clarity.
When was the last time you had that feeling?

Memories of growing up in a Shangaan village. Looking at the two dish towels I swear I was innocent again. The loss of innocence occurs the moment you become self-conscious.

One of the biggest differences between people and animals is that people behave differently in private whilst animals don’t. Shame happens when your feelings are not safe. Here though there is no one to judge or compare.

Clean Anger and Dirty Anger

Where your attention goes your life goes. After last 11 days I have been returning my attention back to nature, curiosity and being. I have changed and I so want this for you. To the felt presence of something great unfolding.

When we wake up in our lives, what do we wake up out of? The challenge is to discover your own limitations and belief. People attune to new possibilities.

Unless we keep reimagining the possibility of life we will keep teaching our children to do the wrong things.

Tonight I want you to turn off all the lights and light a fire. Ask yourself when did I feel most alive? How did I find the limit and go beyond it.

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