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Episode 132: TMBA 132 (LBP115) – The Most Expensive (But Profitable) Marketing Strategy In Your Arsenal
Aug 9, 2012 · 24 min
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Dan and Ian and the folks in the August TMBA session have made it through 40 days and nights of rain and wind in Puerto Galera.
Ok, it’s more like 7 days, but 40 sounds way more intense.
With all these businesses working on taking their businesses to the next level, marketing is a key piece of the conversation. Yet there’s so many options when you are setting up your marketing strategy. Some are quick and dirty, some are putting in for some long ball.
How do you choose?
Dan and Ian went back to their notebooks and online archives (thank you GMail!) and sorted through to find the most profitable marketing strategy they had ever implemented. Only problem? It’s also their most expensive.
But when you’re a serious lifestyle business baller, you realize that sometimes you’ve gotta make the investment of resources to get the explosion of customers.

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