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Episode 108: TMBA 108 (LBP98) – 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance
Apr 12, 2012 · 32 min
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All this thinking has led to a higher-than-average consumption of wine and Bintang, a lot of power naps, Ian taking up hot yoga, and some epic brainstorming.
Why are some ridiculous people successful? Why do otherwise brilliant ideas fail? Can you really source an entire business set-up buying gigs on Fiverr?
The key, as outlined by Steven Pressfield in The Art of War, is resistance. Resistance is rarely obvious in it’s inception and even harder to identify once you are fully entrenched.
That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for these 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance:

  1. Anything that prevents you from having the best product
  2. Being smart
  3. Rationalizing your job
  4. Doing SEO, tech, specialization that you aren’t specialized in
  5. Having people sign NDA’s
  6. Going to conferences to learn critical information
  7. Getting your friends to partner up
  8. Hiring interns, VA’s, and other employees without knowing what’s what?
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