The Dive Down
The Dive Down
Jan 15, 2021
Episode 107: Kaldheim Spoilers: Hot Takes on Cool Cards, Vol. 1
Play • 1 hr 46 min

The first batch of Kaldheim spoilers have dropped, and we're here to provide our patent-pending hot takes. We answer important questions like: what Izzet card will Stan overrate, what Green 5-drop will Shane think just might work, and what reasonable stance will Dave take on every card we discuss? Prior to that we finish up our mutual journey through Zendikar Rising by finding some Cool Decks for our latest installment of Cool Decks, Inc.

The Break Down: Gazpacho Decks, Inc.
The Dive Down, pt 1: Cards Dave Loves
The Dive Down, pt 2: Cards Shane & Stan Hate

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3:33 - Housekeeping
6:51 - The Break Down Begins: Cool Decks Inc
7:37 - Bant Snowblade
10:01 - Boros Land Destruction
13:39 - 4C Lutri
16:35 - The Dive Down Begins: Kaldheim Spoilers
19:03 - Kaldheim Mechanics
38:44 - Snow Duals
42:53 - Tibatl’s Trickery
48:49 - Alrund, God of the Cosmos
53:35 - Annul
54:21 - Behold the Multiverse
57:40 - Dragon Berserker
1:01:25 - Esika, God of the Tree
1:05:47 - Goldspan Dragon
1:09:00 - Kaya’s Onslaught
1:11:39 - Koll, the Forgemaster
1:15:19 - Niko Aris
1:18:47 - Old-Growth Troll
1:23:33 - Ravenform
1:26:23 - Rise of the Dread Marn
1:29:24 - Saw It Coming
1:33:37 - Spectral Steel
1:35:28 - Valki, God of Lies
1:43:37 - Our Parting Thoughts

Links from this week's episode:
Niambi Stoneblade:
Boros Land Destruction:
4C Lutri:
Kaldheim mechanics:
Kaldheim spoilers:

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Solely Singleton
S12E3 - Playing Favorites 2013
In this week’s episode, Brad and Eric are back with more magic the gathering content. This time, they are returning to the year 2013 to discuss Gatecrash, Dragon’s maze, M14, Theros, and C13. Come see what cards stood out back in 2013, and which have stood the test of time as they reminisce and talk about their favorites of the year. 00:30 - Intro 1:50 - Playing Favorites 2013 35:30 - Outro Show Links: Season 12 Shownotes InkedGaming Affiliate Link: Solely Singleton Website: Solely Singleton Patreon: The Starter Cube - The Misers Cube: Brad’s Main Cube: Eric’s Travel Cube: Draft the cubes of our Biggest Supporters: Riku - The Jund Cube Spootyone - The Spooty Peasant Cube DruMau5 - War on the Middle Class DraftTemptation - 9-5 cube Awkamess - Multicolor Custom Cube Heroscreed - Peasant Cube Rofeletan - Rof's Cube toddCubed - The 720º Cactar - Cactar’s Cube Dekkaru - Dekkaru Cube MattDef - N1ghtKn1ght Cube Dimladris - Generic Main Cube Contact Information: You can interact with Solely Singleton by joining the hosts on discord and twitter to give input to improve the show. Feel free to email more detailed questions and comments to the show’s email address. Your Hosts: Brad (DrRuler) & Eric (OnekuoSora) Brad’s Twitter: Eric’s Twitter: Show Email: Show Website: Show Mailing Address: PO Box 70893 Rochester Hills, MI 48307 Licensed Music Used By This Program: "There It Is" by Kevin MacLeod From the Free Music Archive CC BY "Thursday & Snow (Reprise)" by Blank & Kytt From the Free Music Archive CC BY "Chiaroscuro" by Andrew Codeman From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Groovy Baby” by Jason Shaw From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Off to Osaka” by Kevin MacLeod From the Free Music Archive CC BY “Ugly” by Vienna Ditto From the Free Music Archive CC BY
38 min
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