3 Pagans and a Cat
3 Pagans and a Cat
Oct 12, 2020
Episode 114: Shadow's Sundries II
53 min

Car, Gwyn, and Ode talk to Pride members Windy Skykicker, Gryph, and Victoria Raschke about their projects-- coincidentally, all writers!

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That Witch Life
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
Episode 60: Food Magick With Dawn Aurora Hunt
As always, a special thanks to our sponsors! See below for listener specials! Food is Magick! Witch and culinary star Dawn Aurora Hunt of Cucina Aurora joins us to discuss kitchen Witchery. We explore using food as Magick, cooking with love and intention and “learning to pivot” during these strange times. Check out Dawn’s food Magick and her book A Kitchen Witch’s Guide To Love And Romance at cucinaaurora.com. Other topics include Magick for the November Full Moon, strange reactions to Margaret Thatcher, and some seriously juvenile jokes. A listener is about to lose their beloved mesquite tree. How can they make things right with the tree’s spirit? On Patreon: Hear the stories of Hilary playing Santa at the local strip clubs and Dawn’s adventures in Portland, OR. Show notes and audio transcript at thatwitchlife.com. Support the show: Patreon.com/thatwitchlife Ko-fi.com/thatwitchlifepodcast etsy.com/shop/thatwitchlifepodcast. * Manifest The Change You Want To See In Yourself And The World Around You through Sacred Mists Academy. Visit sacredmistsacademy.com for free enrollment (a $30 savings) when using the code WITCHLIFE at registration. Available until 12/31/2020.* Looking for Magickal supplies? To get 10% off your purchase of $35 or more at Sacred Mists Shoppe, go to sacredmists.com and use code WITCHLIFE at check-out.* Since 1901, Llewellyn has been at the forefront of holistic and metaphysical publishing and thought. Save 20% on their incredible titles during Llewellyn’s holiday sale at llewellyn.com!* Check out the Opal Oracle Cards, a vibrant and joyful oracle deck, in which readers can dive more deeply into a path of self-compassion and reveal to themselves love that exists in the world around them.
1 hr 17 min
Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed
Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed
Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady
Out of Bounds Planets
Episode 122. Every so often, you’ll hear an astrologer refer to a planet as “out of bounds.” If you’re wondering what that means, here’s the deal: The Sun travels through a particular area in the sky which is a band of about 23° 27 minutes on both sides, north and south of the equator. The planets follow along for the most part but on occasion, they might stray off this path and reach higher declinations. When that happens, the planet is considered “out of bounds.” Think of it as a planet that is marching along a well-trod path behind all the others, and suddenly, they see another path that appears more interesting. They break ranks and go off on their own, which may disrupt the formation in some way. When this shows up in a chart, it means the planet is marching to the beat of its own drum, and not according to the rules. That means the planet is uncontrolled and perhaps a bit wild. Some people may consider the expression to be unconventional or creative. I’ve also seen people refer to it as “outlaw” energy. In other words: the planet isn’t doing what’s normal. Is it genius or just crazy? Maybe both. There are a few planets that never go out of bounds: the Sun, Lunar Nodes, Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron. The ones that tend to break off and do their own thing are the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. Jupiter can be out of bounds too, but not as common as the others.
5 min
The Plant Path
The Plant Path
with Sajah & Whitney Popham, founders of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Herbalist, Spagyricist, Medical Astrologer
Raising the Next Generation of Water Protectors with Chenoa Egawa
In today’s episode Coast Salish ceremonial leader, singer, speaker and environmental activist, Chenoa Egawa shares an important message for our times, bringing awareness to the water and sharing how we can be raising the next generations to care for the elements that give all beings life. She shares about the healing power of water as our first medicine and more teachings about the sacredness of our water, as well as our responsibility to protect the waters on our Mother Earth and teach our children how to do this as well. We first had Chenoa on the show in 2018 for episode #44: The Medicine of Water, Food & Herbs from an Indigenous Perspective on Healing. ———————————— ABOUT OUR GUEST: CHENOA EGAWA ———————————— Chenoa Egawa is Coast Salish of the Lummi and S’Kallam Nations of Washington State. She is a ceremonial leader, singer, speaker, environmental activist and artist dedicated to bringing healing to our Mother Earth, and to people of all cultures, backgrounds and origins through recognition of our shared experiences as human beings. One of her principal teachings today is the importance of preserving and sharing wisdom and ways of life that benefit the health, well being and protection of all life on our Mother Earth. Chenoa has long been active in local, and international work for Indigenous peoples, children and the environment. For over 20 years, she has worked in Washington State schools, creating programs that integrate Native American culture and history, often teaching through songs and storytelling, empowering Native youth and bringing greater appreciation for cultural diversity to all children in the public school system. Over the past 25 years, she has traveled throughout North, Central and South America facilitating communication among indigenous peoples with the intent of protecting and preserving cultural heritage, languages and homelands. She serves as a voice to bring Native wisdom and perspectives to the world at a time when these teachings are particularly poignant reminders of our shared responsibility to live with respect for ourselves, one another, and for our Earth. TO ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE WHALE CHILD: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/624854/the-whale-child-by-keith-egawa-and-chenoa-egawa/ To get 30% off when you order The Whale Child, enter the code: SHINY at checkout. This discount is available until 12/18/20 Find more of Chenoa's music and books at www.swanclan.com ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY ———————————— To get free in depth mini-courses and videos, visit our blog at: http://www.evolutionaryherbalism.com Get daily inspiration and plant wisdom on our Facebook and Instagram channels: http://www.facebook.com/EvolutionaryHerbalism https://www.instagram.com/evolutionary_herbalism/ Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyP63opAmcpIAQg1M9ShNSQ ———————————— ABOUT THE PLANT PATH ———————————— The Plant Path provides unique perspectives for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body, but seeks to serve others with deeper levels of healing and transformation with herbal medicines. A unique synergy of clinical herbalism, alchemy, medical astrology, and herbal traditions from around the world, The Plant Path focuses on giving you a truly “wholistic” perspective on herbal medicine so you never fall into the trap of allopathic herbalism.
52 min
Medicine Stories
Medicine Stories
Amber Magnolia Hill
73. Ending Pregnancy At Home: Holistic Abortion Options
From time immemorial, women and wise folk have carried the knowledge of how to manage fertility. From menstruation to contraception to birth to miscarriage to abortion, these processes and this knowing has always belonged to the people. Ending pregnancy outside the modern medical paradigm and the cold, impersonal clinic is not only possible, but there are numerous safe and effective options. Let us eliminate the need for back alley abortions, reframe pro-choice as pro-choices, and step back into our power by educating ourselves and one another on what’s possible. IN THE INTERVIEW: * Some historical context (women have always ended pregnancies, but laws and attitudes around it have changed) * Choosing home care for pregnancy release rather than clinical care * Preventing pregnancy with herbs (and the one thing most people do wrong when using Queen Anne’s Lace for contraception) * The four ways to release pregnancy at home * I see a lot of people championing herbal abortion on social media, but it’s clear that they are not educated about the issues and difficulties with this method (it does not look like your dreamy earth mama one-with-nature self empowerment fantasy) * What a beautiful, supported pregnancy release at home can look like * Sometimes spirit babies come through to teach us things * The four essential herbal actions needed (find this chart at patreon.com/medicinestories) * Mifepristone and/or misoprostol (medical abortion) * Supportive food and herbs for the process * Aftercare: honoring that you are postpartum after releasing a pregnancy and focusing on rebuilding and healing * Supporting the liver, nervous system, and immune system * A woman going through this is never alone LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at https://mythicmedicine.love/podcast): * Medicine Stories Patreon bonuses (resources, herbal chart, audio recording of my personal story) * My website MythicMedicine.love * Take our fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz * Medicine Stories Facebook group * Mythic Medicine on Instagram * Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)
1 hr 25 min
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
A Case Study: Herbs and Nightmares
Dreaming matters: it’s a critical part of our identity-building and experience-processing work, and vital to our ability to regulate our emotions. But not all dreams are good. When nightmares happen, especially if they happen chronically, they can make dreaming itself feel unsafe. But never fear: when we need help we can always turn to herbs, and nightmares are no exception. In this episode we present a very personal case study about working with herbs and nightmares to improve one’s relationship with dreaming. This is katja’s story, and it’s a story involving trauma from assault, which led to nightmares for more than a decade. It was exacerbated by an abusive living situation – as Katja puts it, “like microdosing the original traumatic experience”. The work she engaged in, with the help of plants, was about building agency in dreams. This effort paralleled work she did in waking life, building healthier boundaries and developing her own empowerment. These efforts supported each other – each one helped the other proceed. Of course, nightmares and poor sleep are connected – nightmares lead to dread of sleep, poor sleep worsens nightmares. So the approach is to combine herbs for dream work – cultivating feelings of safety, lessening fear of dreaming & dread of sleep – together with a comprehensive sleep protocol, plus herbs that helping her build agency in her waking life. Herbs discussed include: mugwort, motherwort, ghost pipe, yarrow, blue vervain, ginger, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, linden, hawthorn, tulsi, wood betony, rose, nettle, elecampane, st john’s wort, sage, elderflower, calamus. Interested in deepening your dreaming? Want to explore herbs who can help you dream more vividly, or achieve lucidity in your dreams? Our mini-course on Herbs and Dreaming is for you! Learn key herbs from across the world (and probably in your backyard!) with oneirogenic activity. As always, please *subscribe, rate, & review* our podcast wherever you listen, so others can find it more easily. Thank you!! Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas. Support the show (https://commonwealthherbs.com/supporters/)
1 hr 20 min
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