Episode 109: Celestial Bodies - The Moon
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Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss the science, symbolism, and magic of our planet's only moon.

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That Witch Life
That Witch Life
That Witch Life
Episode 55: Día de Los Muertos With Monica Divane, Plus Halloween and Samhain Rites
A special thank you to our sponsors! Please see links below for special offers for TWL listeners. It's the time of the Ancestors and honoring the Dead! Bruja Monica Divane joins us to talk about Día de Los Muertos and ways to honor Ancestral traditions both for oneself and with children. We discuss food offerings (as well as properly disposing of these offerings), connecting with one's cultural ancestry, and learning from other cultures in a respectful way. Courtney shares Magick for the Blue Moon on Halloween and Samhain, Hilary talks ginger, and Kanani talks pizza and wine. Plus, updates on Walter The Foster Pig! A listener is pregnant, but after several losses, is scared and wants to cultivate calm. What Magick can they do to ease their anxiety? Audio transcript to follow. Bonus content: patreon.com/thatwitchlife Ko-fi.com/thatwitchlifepodcast etsy.com/shop/thatwitchlifepodcast * Manifest The Change You Want To See In Yourself And The World Around You through Sacred Mists Academy. Visit sacredmistsacademy.com for free enrollment (a $30 savings) when using the code WITCHLIFE at registration. Available until 12/31/2020. * Looking for Magickal supplies? To get 10% off your purchase of $35 or more at Sacred Mists Shoppe, go to sacredmists.com and use code WITCHLIFE at check-out. * Fox and Elder: Meeting you where you are, offering a variety of ways to step onto the plant path. To receive 15% off your first purchase of teas, tinctures, or a Full Moon Zine subscription, go to foxandelder.com and enter code “thatwitchlife” at check-out.
1 hr 31 min
The Witch Wave
The Witch Wave
Pam Grossman
#57 - Phyllis Curott, Pagan Pioneer
Phyllis Curott is one of America’s first “out” Witches, an activist attorney for the rights of Witches, and author of four internationally bestselling books including the groundbreaking Book of Shadows: A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess. Her newest project, The Witches' Wisdom Tarot, is releasing in late October 2020. Phyllis was named one of the Ten Gutsiest Women of the Year by Jane Magazine, and in 2014 was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Clergy and Scholars. Her Awaken the Witch Within online course and Youtube series Wicca have more than 2,000,000 views. Widely profiled in the media, Time published her call for religious equality as one of “America’s leading voices.” She is Vice Chair Emerita of the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions, creator of the historic Inaugural Women’s Assembly, and founder of the Temple of Ara, the first Wiccan tradition to integrate core shamanism in the early 1980s. Curott received her BA in philosophy from Brown University and her Juris Doctor from New York University. On this episode, Phyllis discusses her incredible journey as a pioneering public witch, her legal career as a defender of Pagan rights, and her enthusiastic embrace of elderhood. Pam also speaks about why witchcraft is inherently political, and answers a listener question about how to feel the magic. Our sponsors for this episode are Mithras Candle, The Many Moons 2021 Planner, BetterHelp, and Clarissa Eck Ceramics
1 hr 24 min
The Fat Feminist Witch
The Fat Feminist Witch
Paige The Fat Feminist Witch
Episode 82 - Practical Pumpkin Spice Magic
Hey friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! Today’s episode is pumpkin spiced and full of practical magic. I’ll be talking about the magical properties of pumpkins and the spice blend we use to flavour them – ie how magical IS your pumpkin spice latte, really? I’m also talking a bit about Practical Magic! This 90s rom-com is so popular with witches of my generation and the continuation of the series of books on which the movie is based has only dragged us all further and further into the world of the Owens witches. The newest installment – Magic Lessons – which tells the story of the OG Owens witch Maria has just come out. If it’s even half as good as Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic it should definitely be on your to-read list. Thank you to my advertisers for this episode: Better Help - Want to get 10% off your first month of online counselling through Betterhelp? visit http://betterhelp.com/fatfeministwitch Green Moon Apothecary - Get 10% off your first order with the code FFW10! Order your Samhain box by October 19th for guaranteed shipping by Halloween. Wylde Faun! - From now until the end of October use the code FATFEMINISTWITCH to get 10% off your order at wyldefaun.com The Grimoire Journal: A Place to Record Spells, Rituals, Recipes, and More is available RIGHT NOW! >Order Here My first book - GREEN WITCHCRAFT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF PLANTS, HERBS, CRYSTALS, AND BEYOND is now on sale! Get it >> HERE! << Connect with me! The Blog: http://thefatfeministwitch.com Facebook: The Fat Feminist Witch Twitter: @fatfemnistwitch Instagram: FatFeministWitch Pinterest: FatFemnistWitch Listen on Spotify! Support the show! Patreon: http://patreon.com/thefatfeministwitch Buy me a ☕ : https://ko-fi.com/thefatfeministwitch Advertise on The Fat Feminist Witch: http://advertisecast.com/thefatfeministwitch As always the opening and closing track is Back To The 90s (Douglas Mulvey AKA D-REX) / CC BY 4.0)
59 min
Between the Worlds Podcast
Between the Worlds Podcast
Amanda Yates Garcia, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs
BTW 27: 10 of Wands – Unburden Yourself with adrienne maree brown
Join us for our season finale with superstar special guest, writer and activist adrienne maree brown! We talk about her favorite decks, the pleasures of tarot, the power of witchcraft, and the truth about the 10 of Wands. Usually the 10 of Wands appears when you're feeling burdened, overwhelmed, and when you can't see a way out of the trouble. In the Thoth deck, the 10 of Wands is known as "Oppression" but in this episode we spin that meaning on its head using the wisdom of Octavia Butler. Oppression always implies resistance, and what if your tactic for resistance is... pleasure? Tune in to find out! ********************************** UPCOMING WORKSHOPS *_The Way of the Wands – A 10-Week Workshop *_ Wands are the tools of invocation: the act of calling something into being. In this workshop, we'll be cultivating your ability to focus, and work with the energy of transformation (instead of getting worked over by it) you’ll get weekly one-sheets, meditations, live calls, rituals, tarot spreads, and you'll get to join our special forum to connect with our beautiful community. This is a Between the Worlds workshop and can be purchased as a one off, or is included in your Jupiter level subscriber membership. Click here to register. 9/18/20 5pm PST NEW MOON IN VIRGO HEALING RITUAL During this ritual, as Mars enters its retrograde and the New Moon in Virgo appears we will be focusing on setting intentions; clearing blocks; going deeper into our physical practices; connecting with our most authentic self; and increasing our capacity for joy presence, and pleasure in our bodies, hearts, and minds. DURING THIS RITUAL WE WILL BE: * Receiving guidance and encouragement from our Holy Guardian Angels (our deepest, most authentic selves) for the next step in living out our purpose. * Using ritual techniques to restore our energy and sense of wellbeing * Releasing outmoded beliefs from our bodies and using intention and guided meditation. NOTE: This is Amanda's personal ritual. Please direct questions to guardian@oracleoflosangeles.com (not Between the Worlds) - Click here to register. ********************************** Find out more about our special guest, pleasure activist, podcaster and writer adrienne maree brown .... Visit her website - adriennemareebrown.net Check out her Instagram feed: @adriennemareebrown And her activist organization: @emergentstrategy Listen to her podcast: How to Survive the End of the World And her other podcast: Octavia's Parables. And read her books: Pleasure Activism and Emergent Strategy ********************************** To sign up for Amanda's newsletter, CLICK HERE. To order Amanda's book, "Initiated: Memoir of a Witch" CLICK HERE. Amanda's Instagram Amanda's Facebook To book an appointment with Amanda go to www.oracleoflosangeles.com ********************************** Original MUSIC by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs This week's songs quote: adrienne maree brown: "Can I still rest?" and Margaret Atwood's poem _Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing_: "Try me. This is a torch song. Touch me and you'll burn." ********************************** Get in touch with sponsorship inquiries for Between the Worlds at betweentheworldspodcast@gmail.com. ** CONTRIBUTORS: Amanda Yates Garcia (host) & Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs (producer). Often with editing help from Jiha Lee. The BTW image was created by Maria Minnis (tinyparsnip.com / instagram.com/tinyparsnip ) with text designed by Leah Hayes.
1 hr 13 min
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