3 Pagans and a Cat
3 Pagans and a Cat
Oct 19, 2020
Episode 115: Urban Legends
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Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss Black-Eyed Children, Slenderman, the real origin of Dracula, and thought-forms.

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THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism
THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism
The Wonder Podcast
Celebration, Hope, and Uncertainty
Remember, we welcome comments, questions and suggested topics at thewonderpodcastQs@gmail.com S2E03 TRANSCRIPT: ----more---- Yucca: Welcome back to The Wonder: Science-Based Paganism. I am your host Yucca. Mark: And I'm Mark. Yucca: And this week we've got a bit of an interesting one. This is a year anniversary for us working on this project and there's a lot going on in the world right now. So we'll be talking a little bit about that and also about hope about its role, about the things to be hopeful for and our duty to be hopeful, Mark: Right? Yeah. I'm excited for this show for a lot of reasons. It's, we're recording on the 10th, so it's a few days after the riot at the Capitol and things are very much up in the air. This won't actually go live until the 18th. So who knows what will happen over the next eight days? But we do want to acknowledge how people have been feeling about this and somehow in there to carve out a little moment for some celebration, because this has been a really fun interesting project to work on with you Yucca. I feel that having pulled it off for a year is an amazing milestone. Yucca: It is. Yeah, it's been great. It really has become truly one of the highlights of my week and something that I look forward to every time and just to have these conversations and also to see the response. All of your listenership is just beyond what, at least on my part, far beyond what I was even imagining or dreaming even daydreaming about. So it's amazing. I'm so very grateful for all of this. Mark: Me too. And and particularly I'm grateful for the listeners who have discovered non theist paganism, or, have discovered a community of non theist pagans through the gateway of this podcast. There've been a number of people who have joined the Atheopagan Facebook group. Who have said, yeah, I was listening to this podcast the wonder, and they mentioned this and I thought that I'd come by, and boy, this really seems like my kind of people. And that's just really exciting to me. I like building community in that way. People of common mind and values. So that's, that is really a cool thing. Yucca: It really is. Yeah. And I should note that we are saying that it's a, for us, this is our, we started recording before we released the podcasts. We had this grand vision that we would be three or four episodes ahead before we published, which of course is not what ends up happening. We're usually recording the podcast the night before it goes live, or this week we're quite ahead a whole week ahead. But we started working on it a little bit beforehand to see what are we doing? What is this podcasting thing? And then we didn't actually go live until the very beginning of March. But this was a year ago was probably about the second time Mark that we'd actually been talking. Face to face. Mark: That's right. We hadn't actually met one another other than through. Messaging and that kind of stuff. And so the first time that we got together to talk about the idea of this podcast before, long before we were even considering recording was really the first time we met one another face to face. And so it's been a relationship building process as well as a creative podcast creation project. Yeah. And and I'm just so delighted. I'm really pleased. Yucca: Yeah. I'd like to say that a year in, you’re one of my dearest friends. Mark: I really feel that too. I do. And And it's remarkable to be able to say that when we've never been, I've been in the same room together. Yucca: but different lives Mark: Yeah. This technology really allows us to reach across not only miles, but all different kinds of divides and to meet one another. So that's really a great thing. Yeah. So we're excited. We our initial goal, I think was seven weeks. Yeah, the, I, the idea was that Yucca had read somewhere that that if you make seven weeks you're actually up and running as a podcast. And so that was our initial goal. But here we are a year in. Yucca: We were looking at some of the topics before hitting the record button and seeing that we've gone through a lot of different topics. Mark: We really have. Yeah. And of course that always there's this push pull with the calendar because when you're a pagan and you're the kind of pagan who celebrates the wheel of the year. There's always another holiday coming up. And so there's a theme for a show there and there's ideas for rituals and practices and themes and all that kind of stuff. But then there's all the other stuff. They're all the other topics that don't fall neatly into those calendar buckets. And we've really explored quite a number of those Which doesn't mean that we can't go back to some of them. I'm knowing me, I probably have more to say. Yucca: I think everyone does. Yeah. But it's definitely been interesting with fitting in the, those evergreen topics and balancing between things that are going to be welcoming to people who are newer to. Paganism. And then also being interesting to people who have been part of the community for years or their whole life. So we, of course, always really welcomed suggestions. If there's something that you want to hear about that you want us to dive into a little bit deeper, we've always welcomed those suggestions. Mark: Yes. It's very helpful to us to get feedback from the folks that listen to the podcast, what are the things that you like about it? What are the things that you would do differently? What are the subjects that you'd like to hear about? We we really encourage you to email us at TheWonderPodcastQs@gmail.com and let us know what you think. Having celebrated a little bit and I'm sure that we can come back to that throughout the show. What else have we got in our grab bag of topics today? Yucca: I did want to say looking at the list, so wrote out the list. Our fourth topic was” Love and the Time of Corona Virus.” That has been a, that's been huge for everyone over the past year. It's been... I don't know anyone who has not been deeply impacted. And it's been the background for a lot of our conversations. Mark: Yes. This obviously was not a normal year. By any stretch for anyone, in my case, it was more of a normal year then than for many others, because I've continued going to work as an essential worker. But for so many, locked in place at home only going out to get food and prescriptions and things like that. Life has in many ways, ground to a halt or at least turned inward. And so that's the context within which this whole this whole podcasts so far has been produced. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the vaccines take hold, and we're able to come back out and do things together. I know that I'm very excited to get back together with my ritual circle and do things with them and hug my friends and just all the simple human things that we love to do. Yucca: Yeah, I know my kids are just waiting to get to see other children just to be around other people. Mark: That's really hard too, because a year is so long in developmental time for little kids. It's just, really profound space of time. They're just very different people at the end of that year than they were previously. Yucca: And for adolescents too, it's a time is different for them, but so is a big chunk of the development in terms of sense of self that many of the teenagers are going through right now. And the young adults who are just not that there's any sort of competition between generations, but as millennials, we thought it tough coming of age during the Great Recession. Imagine just having come out of college and you're looking for your first job and then everything's shut down. At least you have an excuse for a big blank spot on the resume at that point. Mark: Yes. I don't think anybody is frowning on people who are still living with mom and dad in 2020 and 2021. That's going to be pretty ordinary, I think. So you know, that, that's one thing that we really do need to cal…
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Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox
Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox
Kelli Fox
January 18 - January 24 Weekly Horoscope and Astrology Overview Forecast with Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV
https://astrology.tv/ Join professional Astrologer, Kelli Fox, from Astrology.TV who gives you an astrology forecast for the week ahead and a weekly horoscope. Be sure to tune in each week to find out what’s in store for your zodiac sign. Let me know how your week’s going? Subscribe, like and comment on this video. It’s a Cardinal kinda week, astrologically speaking. Cardinal, for those who don’t know already, is a “quality,” a way of expression – a style, so to speak. The term is derived from the start of a season, and so, its means initiation, beginnings, leadership, starting, generating. With five planets in Cardinal signs - Cancer, Capricorn and Aries – it’s the sorta week where you really wanna be at the helm, navigating your own ship and calling the shots. It’s the official start of Aquarius Season, as the mighty Sun moves into this innovative and brilliant sign! This makes it a grand total of four planets so far in Aquarius, along with Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Sheesh! What’s Aquarius all about? Well, for one thing, its freedom. It’s being unique. It’s rebellion, revolution and sticking it to the “man”. Aquarius embraces conspiracies, idealises knowledge and is the social butterfly. Aquarius means to help the world, to be an activist and to seek equality and justice for all. But mostly, Aquarius is about education. Educating ourselves, or educating the world this week asks us to look at what we know, and what we think we know. Do we need to shift, or are we being a stubborn “know it all”? Aquarius can be the “god complex” sign, after all! This week, you have a craving to set yourself free, to be a part of something a little bigger than you. To be with your friends, your people, your tribe! Make time to do just that, and explore where you feel like you most belong. Things may get serious as the Sun joins Saturn in this sign, inviting us to really take responsibility in our lives. To truly do what we preach in terms of our ideals. Sure, we may also be taking a long hard look at ourselves with this aspect – and sometimes, what we see ain’t so pretty. This is known as the “reality check” aspect, and we realise that we can’t all be world leaders or a ballerina, after all. So yes, we are fully sober, but we are also adulting. We’re doing the right, responsible thing, and we may feel the crush of pressure on our shoulders. The weight of responsibility. We need to avoid being overly critical of ourselves, of being too hard on ourselves. We need to seek nicely and tenderly to our inner child, yet at the same time, step fully into our own authority. What else is going on this week? Well, Mars behaves badly as he joins Uranus in a reckless conjunction, reflecting taking action in a way that shocks everyone. Collectively, there could be shocking things happening around the world this week, unexpected events, as well as personally. Mars then makes an even more reckless square to Jupiter in Aquarius, which can be a bit like an overstimulated toddler being given free rein in a candy shop. Mess everywhere and very little remorse! We have to be mindful of the leaps and risks we take, using the sober energy of the Sun and Saturn to discipline ourselves, lest we do something we totally regret. At least love is gentle with Lady Venus sextiling sweet Neptune, letting the sweetness flow in, as well as inspiration and forgiveness. Wrap yourself up in your lover’s arms and find rest there this week. #ARIES #AriesHoroscope This week brings surprises – some good and some tough – when it comes to your money and finances, Aries. Don’t make any reckless mistakes. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #TAURUS #TaurusHoroscope You may decide to up and leave, seemingly out of nowhere, Taurus, whether it’s a relationship, a job or some other restrictive situation, you’ve just had enough. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #GEMINI #GeminiHoroscope It’s time to decide, Gemini. Decide what it is you need to do to grow yourself more. Could you travel more? Learn more? The world is your oyster now. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #CANCER #CancerHoroscope Your goals shift rapidly this week, Cancer, as do your earnings. Just remember to make mindful investments now, and don’t put all your eggs into one basket. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #LEO #LeoHoroscope This week brings a sober look at how you do relationships of all kinds, Leo. You may not like what you see, but you’re willing to work on it. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #VIRGO #VirgoHoroscope You just want to do exactly as you please this week, Virgo, but that may result in a loss. Instead, focus on where you build structures that will free you up. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #LIBRA #LibraHoroscope Relationships feel a little heavy this week, Libra, even though there is some sweetness. Are you being too critical of yourself – or of someone else? #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #SCORPIO #ScorpioHoroscope Someone at home may be cranking your gears, Scorpio, and not in the right way. You may feel restricted or criticised, and you’re seeing someone in a whole new light. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #SAGITTARIUS #SagittariusHoroscope This week invites you to really sit down and think of ways to structure your thoughts and ideas into a tangible form. Yes, you're far more serious than usual. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #CAPRICORN #CapricornHoroscope You’re going to have to think of ways to navigate your world of personal resources, Capricorn. Here are limits you have to accept, and insecurities you have to overcome. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #AQUARIUS #AquariusHoroscope It’s not easy taking such realistic stock of oneself, is it, Aquarius? Luckily, you have the vision to take what you see and mould it into a lesson. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac #PISCES #PiscesHoroscope Artistic goals can be set this week, Pisces, if you play your cards right. This can help emotions flow when you feel lonely or cut off from the world. #WeeklyHoroscopes #Horoscopes #astrology #zodiac
11 min
Basic Witches
Basic Witches
Soulfire Productions
“This Is Your Wake Up Call” with Pro-Witch Angel Phoenix
Pro-Witch Angel Phoenix is here to deliver a powerful message about sharing your dreams, your voice, leaning into your intuition, and honoring your body. Today on Basic Witches: * Why you need to share your dreams & visions with others * Prophetic dreams and books of predictions * Women: remembering who you are & waking up to your power * What psychosis really is and the role of creativity * Leaning into your discomfort & sharing your voice * Where are you betraying yourself? * Astrological orgy: What to know about Aquarius season This show is supported by : * Betterhelp | Visit Betterhelp.com/BasicWitches ( https://www.betterhelp.com/BasicWitches ) for 10% off your first month. Head over to That Sex Chick ( https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/that-sex-chick/id1537817017 ) to listen and subscribe! Follow your intuwitchin’ by following us on IG: @BasicWitches ( https://www.instagram.com/basicwitches ) // @LeahKnauer ( https://www.instagram.com/leahknauer ) // @RachelLaforest ( https://www.instagram.com/rachellaforest ) Join us LIVE for “Blazin’ with @BasicWitches” on Instagram every Tuesday at 5:55pm PST. Free Q&A, card pulls, and expert guests! New Merch Alert! Visit BasicWitches.Threadless.com ( http://basicwitches.threadless.com ) for our latest releases. Subscribe! Review! Join our Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/BasicWitches ) ! And we promise we won’t put a hex on you <3 This show is produced by Soulfire Productions ( http://soulfireproductionsco.com/ )
1 hr 47 min
The Fat Feminist Witch
The Fat Feminist Witch
Paige The Fat Feminist Witch
Episode 85 - #WitchReads 2020 Wrap-Up!
Hi friends! Thank you for joining me today! It’s a chilly day and gigantic snowflakes are hitting my old windows while the cats snooze nearby and my coffee warms up my hands. It’s a perfect day to curl up with a good book – or 30. Today I'm talking about the books I was fortunate enough to read this year, and the ones I'm most excited about in 2021! Check out all my past book reviews on the blog! WitchReads 2021 Shelf on Goodreads.com 2020's books: Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens by Lilith Dorsey The Magic of Marie Laveau by Denise Alvarado Utterly wicked by Dorothy Morrison Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic by Miss Aida The Junior Witch's Handbook by Nikki Van De Car Astrology for Real Relationships by Jessica Lanyadoo The Complete Book of Moon Spells by Michael Herkes The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Water Magic by Lilith Dorsey Bewitching the Elements by Gabriela Herstik Pathworking the Tarot by Leeza Robertson The Magical Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile Finding Your Higher Self by Sophie Saint Thomas Thank you to my advertisers for this episode: Better Help - Want to get 10% off your first month of online counselling through Betterhelp? visit http://betterhelp.com/fatfeministwitch The Grimoire Journal: A Place to Record Spells, Rituals, Recipes, and More is available RIGHT NOW! >Order Here My first book - GREEN WITCHCRAFT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF PLANTS, HERBS, CRYSTALS, AND BEYOND is now on sale! Get it >> HERE!
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