Fun City
Fun City
Jan 15, 2021
Float City 11: A Rose, Planted Where Thorns Grow
Play • 1 hr 15 min

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@funcityventures is the show on twitter
@funcityventures is the show on instagram

@bijanstephen is Remy, the Sleeper (human) Blooder
@randwiches is Merkis, the Jalasti Banshee
@nicholasguercio is Vynos, the Conscript (human) Tremulant
and @shodell is Beta, the Shoodtha Pir

@taylordotbiz is the harajoon shopkeep, and the bartender.
@mikerugnetta is everything else


This episode of Float City was recorded in various locations across Brooklyn New York. It was produced, edited and sound designed by Mike Rugnetta.

Once meek, and in a perilous path, Pixlriffs kept his course along the vale of death.

Our music is by Sam Tyndall -
Remy's flute playing is by Jake Fridkis -
Our art is by Tess Stone -
Our Discord mods are Olivia Gulin, Kit Pulliam and Kestrel 
The voice of Artemis is Molly Templeton

Ep 77: Join The Party
With money burning a hole in their pocket and sadness digging one in their heart, Dak, Tech, and Pox seek distraction through a destructive, debaucherous rager in the broad daylight. One could even say it's a desert mirage. *Content Warning:* Mention of suicide, animal injury/death *Editor's Note* : Gannon has poor sound quality in the first half of the episode. His audio was lost and we had to use the Zoom track. NeoScum is Blair Britt ( ) , Mike Migdall ( ) , Gannon Reedy ( ) , Eleni Sauvageau ( ) , and Casey Toney ( ). Yeah, daddy. You can find NeoScum on Twitter ( ) , on Reddit ( ) , and at ( ). // THE GOOD STUFF * *CHECK OUT GIO'S MUSIC!* Find more of Gio's music and art at his Bandcamp ( ) ! * *SEND YOUR FRIENDS TO THE NEOSCUM STARTER!* A primer to the show and characters, ( ) is the #1 stop for new listeners. * *UNLOCK MORE EPs WITH THE* *NEOSCUM PATREON* ( ) *!* At the Scum Rat tier, Patrons get alternating Gaiden and Scum Chat episodes every other #NeoScumFriday ( ) — plus several dozen hours of archived bonus episodes and content. * *SIGN UP FOR THE SCUMLETTER!* NeoScum's fun and informative monthly newsletter is available for sign up at ( ). Keep up to date on all things NeoScum, including *Gannon's Cyberpunk Essentials*. * *GET SOME MERCH!* The NeoScum Shop at Threadless has a truckload of apparel, accessories, and decor! Check it out at ( ). * *CHECK OUT THE TWITCH STREAMS!* Catch Mike & Eleni @ ( ) and Casey @ ( ) This episode of NeoScum features songs by Gio Benedetti: * NeoSad Theme * NeoSad Theme (Ethereal Mix) Music by Louie Zong: * The Mii Channel (arrangement) And the following music from HoZac Records: * It's Something To Do - Brown Spiders * You Never Had It So Good - Made in Japan * Hot Mama - Oister * Looter's Game - People's Temple * Depth of The Ocean - Chicos de Nazca * Right From Wrong - People's Temple * The Great Divide - Georgiana Starlington * I'm Dead (Instrumental) - The Limiñanas * I'm Dead - The Limiñanas * I'm Dead (Instrumental) - The Limiñanas (ending plug) Music may have been edited or modified for use. Learn more about HoZac and the artists they support at ( ).
1 hr 8 min
Crit Academy: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Crit Academy: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
Dungeons and Dragons
Unearthed Arcana : Gothic Lineages
In this episode, Crit Academy discusses the newest Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons playtest material, Gothic Lineages. The newest Unearthed Arcana brings forward three new racial features. Unlike the traditional fantastical races, your racial traits and features are determined by your lineage chosen. Not the race that you start off as or once were, but the new creature of the night that you become. We provide our own feedback on the mechanic designs and flavor of these playtest player options. 📢 Product Covered: 📒 Show Notes: ❤️ Subscribe! We just passed our goal of 500 Subscribers! Now on the road to 1,000! 💜 Support on Patreon: ------------------------------------💥MORE D&D Content💥-------------------------------------- 🛑 SUBSCRIBE 🚨 and Turn on the 🔔 for more Quick and Efficient Videos! 💜 Support on Patreon: ▶️ Playlists ✅ 🥇 Unearthed Tips and Tricks: 🥈 Live Shows: 🥉Actual Play:
52 min
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