How Science Can Fix Remote Work
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Remote work was a trend that some companies and gig workers were trying out, even as others resisted. Then the pandemic made it an overnight reality for many of us. This feels like uncharted territory, but there’s already plenty of knowledge on how to do it well. Learn from someone who has done more remote work than almost anyone on the planet—and find out what science says about how to keep your teams cohesive, fight screenout, and build resilience by mentally traveling in time.

How to Be Awesome at Your Job
How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Pete Mockaitis
618: Finding Greater Clarity Amid Uncertainty with Jodi Hume
Jodi Hume shares decision-making strategies for finding greater clarity whenever you’re stuck.  — YOU’LL LEARN —  1) What to do when every decision seems overwhelming  2) Two best practices for sorting through tough decisions  3) Powerful questions to surface hidden roadblocks  Subscribe or visit for clickable versions of the links below.  — ABOUT JODI —  After a 15-year career as COO of a growing architecture firm, Jodi Hume shifted gears and has made a name for herself over the last decade providing on-call decision support and facilitated leadership conversations for startup founders, corporations, entrepreneurs and executives. Each week, she also hosts So, Here’s My Story… a business podcast of real stories with poignant take-aways and plenty of humor. She’s the lead singer for The Wafflers – and if you ask nicely, she might tell you about the time she won 1st place in a Truck Pull.  • Jodi’s website:  • Jodi’s website:  • Jodi’s podcast: So, Here's My Story...  • Jodi’s LinkedIn: Jodi Hume  — RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THE SHOW —  • Tool: Miro  • Tool: Mural  • Book: Winning with Accountability: The Secret Language of High-Performing Organizations by Henry Evans  — THANK YOU SPONSORS! —  • Build your team’s learning library–the fast and fun way–with  • Four Sigmatic. Enhance your productivity and your coffee at
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No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership
Martin Moore
Unlocking Diversity: The Power of Difference
Episode #113 // In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen an increasing focus on embracing diversity. The emphasis on this is often limited to gender diversity, as we look to achieve increased representation of women in senior leadership positions. But even though gender is clearly a priority area, diversity needs to go way further if we truly want to achieve better outcomes. There are two distinct steps to harnessing the power of diversity. The first is to select and retain the right people in your team, and the second is to tap into the diverse capability that you’ve assembled. In this episode, we look at what really constitutes diversity, and provide some tips and suggestions for unlocking it. There’s not much point in having a diverse team unless you can liberate people’s unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to improve organisational outcomes, and ultimately deliver greater value. // We are on a mission to hit 1 million listens by the 31st December 2020. To help us to reach this goal, and impact even more leaders just like you who would benefit from the strategies and tools that Marty covers in the podcast, please share the podcast with your network. You can also subscribe, follow, rate and review the podcast, that will help more leaders find us when they’re searching for a new leadership podcast to binge on. If we hit our goal, we will be running a completely free live virtual leadership event in February 2021, and we would love for you to be there! Keep up with the live listener number and see how close we are to our goal at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio
No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio
Jeff Altman
What Companies Look for When They Hire and The Feedback They Give
EP 1985 Have you ever received a phone call from a recruiter, either corporate or third party, with feedback after an interview and was told, “Sorry. Too light?”  As someone who has worked as a contract recruiter, agency recruiter and coach, Jeff Brockman has heard the real feedback from employers about the people who his clients have interviewed and shares the mistakes job hunters have made that have caused the rejection. ABOUT JEFF ALTMAN, THE BIG GAME HUNTER Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1900 episodes and is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. Are you interested in 1:1 coaching, interview coaching, advice about networking more effectively, how to negotiate your offer or leadership coaching? Use this link to schedule a free Discovery call with me. If you want to learn how to interview like a pro, order "The Ultimate Job Interview Framework" from  The Kindle and print versions are available on Amazon. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Connect with me on LinkedIn Mention you listen to the podcast or watch my YouTube channel. Otherwise, I may not accept the request, particularly if you are outside the US. If you have a quick question for me, you can get it answered with a 3-5 minute video or schedule a 15 minute live conversation with me. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Join and attend my classes on Skillshare. Become a premium member and get 2 months free. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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Choiceology with Katy Milkman
Choiceology with Katy Milkman
Charles Schwab
If Only …: With Guests Stirling Hart & Colin Camerer
In a past episode titled “Spoiled for Choice,” we looked at how decision-making can be hampered by our desire to avoid the painful emotion of regret. In fact, regret aversion can cause people to abandon certain decisions entirely. In this episode of _Choiceology with __Katy Milkman_, we look more closely at regret itself. Stirling Hart is a professional lumberjack. He’s also a world-class lumberjack sports athlete. He has travelled the world competing against the best of the best in events such as the underhand chop, the spring board, the single buck, and the standing block chop. These grueling and dangerous tasks require explosive strength, accuracy, and nerves of steel. In 2016, Stirling Hart represented Canada at the Stihl Timbersports® World Championship in Stuttgart, Germany. He was dominating the events until he came to the hot saw (an event involving a chainsaw built from a modified motorcycle engine). That’s when one split-second decision changed the course of the competition. You’ll hear how that one moment affected Stirling for months afterward. Stirling Hart lives and works in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Next, Katy speaks with Colin Camerer about the neuroscience of regret. Colin explains how regret arises and how it can affect our behavior, for better and for worse. You’ll hear about a fascinating study by Tom Gilovich identifying regret in Olympic medalists, and you’ll learn about the ways that regret can influence investment decisions. You’ll also gain valuable insight on how to minimize some of the negative effects of regret. Colin Camerer is a Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics at the California Institute of Technology, where he teaches cognitive psychology and economics. You can read more about regret in his paper “Neural Evidence of Regret and Its Implications for Investor Behavior.” Choiceology is an original podcast from Charles Schwab. For more on the series, visit If you enjoy the show, please leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating or review on Apple Podcasts. Important Disclosures: All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice in reaction to shifting market conditions. The comments, views, and opinions expressed in the presentation are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of Charles Schwab. Data contained herein from third-party providers is obtained from what are considered reliable sources. However, its accuracy, completeness or reliability cannot be guaranteed. Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. (1020-081T)
31 mins
Good Life Project
Good Life Project
Jonathan Fields / Wondery
The Hug | Part 1
Today, we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’re about to head into a week like never before in the US and, well, around the world. And we kinda wanted to wrap it, and you, with one big, beautiful, audio hug that reminds us all, people are good, they can be kind, even to total strangers, in ways we never imagined. So, we’ve created a two-part series for you we’re calling The Hug, where we’re sharing a bunch of heartwarming stories, told by friends of the pod and some past guests who, now that I think about it, are friends now, too. Each story shares a moment or experience where a little bit of kindness, a little bit of sweetness and, just maybe, a little bit of lightness and laughter, touched their lives, and reminded them how good people can be. I feel like we all need a little of that right now.  So, today is part one of The Hug, the first 6 stories for you. We’ll air part 2 next week, right after the election with the intention of wrapping us all in the arms of stories that remind us of our shared humanity at a time we need it most. So, sit back and enjoy these stories in part one of The Hug.  You can find our storytellers at: Gabra Zackman: Instagram ( Rick Charlie: Facebook ( Rebekah Taussig: Instagram ( Neil Pasricha: Instagram ( Jeff Harry: Instagram ( Susan Piver: Instagram ( Check out offerings & partners:  Nutrafol: - code GOODLIFE Azlo:
1 hr 5 mins
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Where To Go & When w/ Sherry Ott
In her 11 years of living nomadically, she’s circled the globe multiple times visiting all 7 continents. She lived in Vietnam, hiked the Annapurna Circuit with her father, finished the 10,000-mile Mongol Rally, walked the Camino de Santiago, kayaked in Antarctica, herded reindeer in the Arctic, and drove an auto-rickshaw across India. While quarantining in her home in Denver - she used her time to work on a new Ebook, Where to Go, and When. The book provides inspirational ideas of where to travel each month (for when we can travel again). For each month she chose 3 destinations to satisfy different travel styles (epic adventure, domestic trip, and an international trip or festival) with a short overview of the interesting, cool and quirky things to do there. The destinations were chosen based on trips Sherry has actually done over her 14 years as a travel blogger. My good friend and incredible writer and photographer - one of the OG’s of travel blogging - Sherry Ott from What is your favorite place to go in a specific month? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @ExtraPackofPeanuts.In This Episode * 05:20 Homebasing After Being Nomadic For 11 Years * 12:00 How Fast Was She Moving As A Digital Nomad * 17:25 Do You Still Want The New Places Or The Comforts Of Places You've Been * 19:15 How The Pandemic Has Affected Sherry's Life & The Positives Of It All * 25:45 Exploring The West Via Road Trips * 33:30 Flirting & Planning For Future Travels * 36:30 Where To Go & When Travel Book * 38:50 Travel By Month * 42:00 Destinations That Are Surprising & Fun * 50:30 Lesser-Known Options & Trusting Advice From People Who Have Been There * 57:30 Save & Splurge: What Do You Save On & What Do You Splurge On * 01:05:30 Biggest Travel Mishap Important Links * Find Sherry at * Follow Sherry on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest | Twitter * FREE Ebook Download of Where to Go & When * Wisconsin Supper Clubs Blog Post * Pooping Christmas Log Blog Post * Northern Argentina & Chile Travel Blog Post * Antarctica Travel Blog Post * Location Indie * Want to follow our adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, and @TravelingWhitMyles Want More? * Taking A Career Break With Sherry Ott Part 1 * Taking A Career Break With Sherry Ott Part 2 * The Beauty Of Imperfect Travels w/ Christine & Jules
1 hr 23 mins
Coaching for Leaders
Coaching for Leaders
Dave Stachowiak
497: The Way Into Difficult Conversations, with Kwame Christian
Kwame Christian: Negotiate Anything Kwame Christian is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute and business lawyer at Carlile Patchen & Murphy. His popular TED talk is titled Finding Confidence in Conflict. Today, he’s working extensively with organizations to help them improve their skills on negotiation and conflict resolution. Kwame hosts the top negotiation podcast, Negotiate Anything and is the author of the book Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life*. Key Points Use the compassionate curiosity framework: Acknowledge and validate emotions Get curious with compassion Joint problem solving If a difficult situation needs to be discussed, giving a heads up to the other party in advance helps them to work through the initial, emotional reaction and reset for a more productive conversation. Separating conversations about the content or service being offered from the deal itself can be useful to focus energy in the right places at the right time. This is especially useful for creative folks or those who might be highly sensitive to negotiations. When dealing with someone who is not behaving well, use the phrase “The problem is…” as a transition point that provides you more agency in the conversation. Resources Mentioned Free Negotiation Guides from Kwame Negotiate Anything podcast Finding Confidence in Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life* by Kwame Christian Book Notes Download my highlights from Finding Confidence in Conflict in PDF format (free membership required). Related Episodes An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth, with Chris Hadfield (episode 149) The Way to Have Conversations That Matter, with Celeste Headlee (episode 344) How to Find Confidence in Conflict, with Kwame Christian (episode 380) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.
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