A Chatbot with a Brain
1 hr 23 min
The September episode did arrive.... somewhat delayed, but it's worth the wait!!  We have NEW INTRO MUSIC by amazing recording artist Eric Barndollar.
We have a NEW PODCAST DEPLOYMENT SCRIPT which means the podcast timestamp will be correct and people won't have to hunt for our latest episodes.  Last
but not least, we have an AMAZING EPISODE where we interview Peter Voss, founder and CEO of aigo.ai and inventor of the term "Artificial General Intelligence",
to discuss chatbots and general AI.  Geeking out about AI may be my favorite thing to do on Earth, so I can't put in words how incredibly excited I am to
share this episode with everyone.

Show notes: https://www.programmingthrowdown.com/2020/10/episode-105-chatbot-with-brain-with.html

Teamistry: https://link.chtbl.com/teamistry?sid=podcast.throwdown
Java Pub House
Java Pub House
Freddy Guime & Bob Paulin
Episode 93. Not your Grandpa's Serialization Part DEUX!
We're back! and now we move to the new-fangled serialization and deserialization frameworks, starting with Protobufs! Google's contribution to the serialization space, Protobuf V3 makes it easy to create a very efficient on-the-wire serialized representation of objects, and then some. With the ability to have both backwards and forward compatible changes, protobufs is a great choice for transmitting information across services. But not to be outdone, @BobPaulin goes in and covers Thrift, which goes a step beyond than just serializing messages, but also takes care of the "Transport layer", adding the ability of doing Remote-procedure-calls! Imagine if instead of saying "I need to send a message to that service, and then the service can process it and send info back", you just said. "I want to call a method on that service with this parameters and get the results". Thrift exposes that functionality by letting you have an interface that you can just call in your client service, and it "magically" coordinates all the gnarly stuff to encode, transmit, execute, decode, and present your call. You don't even have to think (too deeply) about how it all happens. As long as you define your thrift objects, thrift methods, and Thrift transport, the framework will let you just think of methods to call! that's it! So in all, a very fun episode where we discover what the new types of serialization frameworks are up to. If you ever had to create a message, or ever had to annotate an object as Serializable, then do take a listen to this episode! FOLLOW US JavaPubHouse on twitter! Where we will be sharing new tech news, and tutorials! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our cool NewsCast! Java Off Heap * Google Protobuf * Apache Thrift * Protobuf Java Example * Thrift Example * JVM Serializers performance Do you like the episodes? Want more? Help us out! Buy us a beer! And Follow us! @javapubhouse and @fguime and @bobpaulin
1 hr 10 min
Azure DevOps Podcast
Azure DevOps Podcast
Jeffrey Palermo
Paul Sheriff on What’s New in .NET - Episode 117
Today, Jeffrey is joined by return guest, Paul Sheriff! Paul is a Business Technology Consultant with over thirty years of experience architecting information systems. His expertise is in much demand from Fortune 500 companies. He is a top-notch instructor and a Pluralsight author with over 20+ courses in the library, ranging on topics from Angular, MVC, WPF, XML, jQuery to Bootstrap. He has also published 300+ articles and has authored over 14 books on topics such as C#, SQL Server, and many .NET technologies! In their conversation, Paul gives listeners an update on everything new in .NET. He speaks about the new .NET 5 release, .NET vs .NET Core, desktop apps vs. browser apps, upfront architecture, C#, and Visual Basic. He also shares his thoughts on where he sees technology headed in the next 5-10 years, the current path and strategy for teaching developers, the most important areas to pay attention to and questions to ask when planning your application, and how you can best stay on top of your game as a developer. Topics of Discussion: [:38] Be sure to visit AzureDevOps.Show for past episodes and show notes. [1:01] About The Azure DevOps Podcast and Jeffrey’s offer to speak at virtual user groups. [1:11] Clear Measure is hiring! Be sure to check out the link in the show notes. [1:32] About today’s return guest, Paul Sheriff. [2:32] Jeffrey welcomes Paul back to the podcast! [2:52] Given the new .NET 5 release and all that was announced, what are Paul’s thoughts on the landscape going forward? He also talks C#, Visual Basic, the future of .NET 6. [7:56] Talking similarities and differences between .NET vs .NET Core. [9:25] Having seen so many different seasons of different types of apps, Paul gives his take on Windows desktop applications going forward. [12:40] What is it about desktop apps that make certain people love them far above browser apps? [17:43] Paul shares how he is strategizing how to teach developers through (and with) Pluralsight. [20:46] A word from Azure DevOps Podcast’s sponsor: Clear Measure. [21:18] Should we be cautious about always jumping on the next new thing that comes along? Why or why not? [23:20] The importance of asking the right questions and getting help in the process of planning. [24:26] An incredibly important question to ask: What is my budget for running this in Azure? [29:58] Paul shares his predictions on where he sees things headed 5 and 10 years from now. [33:08] Paul talks programming boot camps, education, and understanding how to ‘finish’ software. [37:28] What course does Pluralsight not have that Paul wishes he could produce if the audience or need was there? [39:35] Jeffrey thanks Paul for joining the show once again! Mentioned in this Episode: Azure DevOps Clear Measure (Sponsor) .NET DevOps for Azure: A Developer's Guide to DevOps Architecture the Right Way, by Jeffrey Palermo — Available on Amazon! bit.ly/dotnetdevopsebook — Click here to download the .NET DevOps for Azure ebook! Jeffrey Palermo’s Youtube Jeffrey Palermo’s Twitter — Follow to stay informed about future events! The Azure DevOps Podcast’s Twitter: @AzureDevOpsShow Paul Sheriff’s Website (PDSA.com) Paul Sheriff on GitHub Paul Sheriff on Pluralsight Paul Sheriff’s Email: psheriff@pdsa.com Azure DevOps Podcast: “Paul Sheriff on How to be an Architect — Episode 77” Azure DevOps Podcast: “James Grenning on Test-Driven Development — Episode 114” Blazor Want to Learn More? Visit AzureDevOps.Show for show notes and additional episodes.
40 min
Practical AI 114: The world's largest open library dataset
Unsplash has released the world’s largest open library dataset, which includes 2M+ high-quality Unsplash photos, 5M keywords, and over 250M searches. They have big ideas about how the dataset might be used by ML/AI folks, and there have already been some interesting applications. In this episode, Luke and Tim discuss why they released this data and what it take to maintain a dataset of this size. Discuss on Changelog News Join Changelog++ to support our work, get closer to the metal, and make the ads disappear! Sponsors * Linode – Get $100 in free credit to get started on Linode – our cloud of choice and the home of Changelog.com. Head to linode.com/changelog OR text CHANGELOG to 474747 to get instant access to that $100 in free credit. * Changelog++ – You love our content and you want to take it to the next level by showing your support. We’ll take you closer to the metal with no ads, extended episodes, outtakes, bonus content, a deep discount in our merch store (soon), and more to come. Let’s do this! * LaunchDarkly – Power experimentation at any scale. Fast and reliable feature management for the modern enterprise. Featuring * Luke Chesser – Twitter, Website * Timothy Carbone – Twitter, GitHub * Chris Benson – Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website * Daniel Whitenack – Twitter, GitHub, Website Notes and Links * Unsplash * The world’s largest open library dataset from Unsplash * The Unsplash dataset on GitHub
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