Lighthouse Faith
Lighthouse Faith
24 Sept 2020
The New Relationship Between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain Comes Amid More Strife Within The Jewish State
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The new accord recently signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is a glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel toward peace in the Middle East. Since the partition in 1948 which created the modern Jewish state, Israel has been in bloody conflict with its Muslim majority neighbors. But the irony of this new relationship between these more moderate Muslim countries, is that it comes at a time when Israel is seeing increased conflict within its borders, between Ultra-Orthodox Jews and secular or non-orthodox Jews. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Journalist and author Paul Alster expands on his Op-ed in, which puts the new "peace deal" in perspective, seeing the odd reality that the country is fragile, not because of the forces from outside but from within. Religious freedom is always a delicate balance between personal autonomy and offensive actions, as the forces of human nature and sin often direct it towards unintended goals. There are those calling for the Jewish State to adopt a U.S. Constitution separating Church and State. But the forces against are gaining in numbers for the sheer mathematical fact that they -Ultra-Orthodox- beget more children, as many as ten children per family is not uncommon. Alster says by 2050 Israel's population is expected to grow by 66 percent. This fact provides the backdrop and the jumping off point for his novel, "Kin and Country," which predicts a possible outcome of the current clash, and how it could culminate in 2048 as Israel celebrates its centenary.

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