Humanitec with Domile Janenaite and Chris Stephenson
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Jon Foust and Mark Mirchandani are joined today by Domile Janenaite and Chris Stephenson of Humanitec. Humanitec, a German startup, helps developers run their code easily and smoothly in various environments. Chris and Domile start off by explaining why Humanitec was founded and what sets it apart from competitors, especially in the way it streamlines devops integration.

Later, we learn how Humanitec is helping developers get the most out of cloud development by not only easily running deployments but also aiding in environment management. Developers can spend more time writing code and less time worrying about how they’ll get it to run. Chris also expands on how they built Humanitec, the reasoning behind their development decisions, and the challenges they faced. Domile goes on to describe the types of teams and companies that Humanitec is best suited for and why.

Domile Janenaite

Domile Janenaite is a product manager at Humanitec, focusing on developer experience in cloud-native development. Her team’s goal is to help developers escape scripting hell and smoothly enter the world of continuous delivery. In 2014 while studying she dove into Lithuania’s tech hub seeking to promote IT education nationwide. After finishing her studies she landed in Berlin’s tech scene and began working with 200+ dev teams across Europe analysing their processes and helping to improve workflows. During this period Domile became fascinated by the struggles that tech teams face working with cloud technologies. She envisioned building a product that helps developers optimize their workflows and reduce cognitive load. In 2018 she joined Humanitec in its early stages and currently she is working on an Internal Developer Platform which is pushing the industry to live in a “you-build-it, you-run-it” mindset.

Chris Stephenson

Chris Stephenson is VP of Product at Humanitec. He has worked in Engineering or Product across industries as diverse as Waste Management, HR-tech and Insurance but in recent years has been focusing on building platforms that enable development teams to implement and quickly scale applications. This has included running the High Performance Computing Group at Lloyd’s of London focusing on designing and implementing a platform to allow Engineers and Actuaries to quickly iterate on internal models at Lloyd’s of London, building a platform to allow for very fast development of “Partner Front-End” applications at Google (think the partner facing admin interfaces for Google Transit search or managing inventory for Google Play Movies) and currently at Humanitec building an Internal Developer Platform that can be used by all engineering teams to speed up their development of Cloud Native Apps.

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Mark will be traveling and working on a video series for the Google Cloud YouTube Channel.

Jon will be at GDC in March.

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