Managing non-REST APIs like GraphQL and gRPC with Nandan Sridhar and David Feuer
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Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin and Stephanie Wong host this week’s episode all about managing non-REST APIs. Guests Nandan Sridhar and Dave Feuer start the show introducing our listeners to Apigee, a full life cycle API management tool, and the three tenets of Apigee that streamline the relationship between producers of APIs and their users.

APIs have come a long way as technologies have changed, and David explains the evolution of API development and how it relates to the newer non-REST APIs. The consumption of applications has significantly changed, but Nandan points out that developer strategies and experiences have also changed. These advances have led to the popularity of non-REST APIs. APIs are being used in new ways David tells us, and through examples, we hear how Apigee is helping these companies realize their cutting-edge API goals.

Nandan helps our listeners understand the difference between REST and non-REST APIs and the advantages of the latter in today’s technological environments. Each of the four main types of non-REST APIs have their specialities, he explains, like GraphQL which is great for experiences, and gRPC, which has special communication features that increase efficiency. Our guests elaborate on the exciting features of these two protocols and how their uses will continue to innovate business and consumer interactions into the future.

Our guests offer advice for companies and developers looking to take advantage of these non-REST APIs and help us understand the role Apigee plays in protecting the quality of all types of APIs.

Dave Feuer

Dave Feuer is Senior Product Manager at Apigee, a part of Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Dave ran the Platforms & Strategies practice at a boutique consulting firm, designing and implementing developer programs for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to that, Dave ran enterprise product development and software engineering at IDT and Net2Phone, a telecommunications and payments company. Dave started his career as an embedded software development engineer, and frequently questions how he ended up spending so much time in Google Slides.

Nandan Sridhar

Nandan Sridhar works in the Product Management team at Google Cloud, Apigee. Nandan’s expertise includes API design standards, API security and microservices.

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  • Apigee API Management site
  • GraphQL site
  • GraphQL Documentation docs
  • Announcing Apigee’s native support for managing lifecycle of GraphQL APIs blog
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  • gRPC site
What’s something cool you’re working on?

Alexandrina has been working on the Getting Started with Apigee API Management YouTube series.

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