Cloud Logging with Philip O'Toole and Reed Taylor
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Philip O’Toole and Reed Taylor talk with Stephanie and guest host Terry Ryan all about the new features in Google Cloud Logging on this episode of the podcast. Cloud Logging provides users with management and analyzation of project logs, the reports that describe the state of every system in a project.

Reed walks us through Cloud Logging, including a list of features and how other GCP products integrate well with Logging. Once logs are sorted, Cloud Logging also provides tools for detailed query and analysis of log data. But storage and management of logs is as important as sorting and analyzing, and Reed tells us why this third component is vital.

New features in storage and management promise to streamline the process. Log Buckets, for example, allow the separation of routing and storage, while Log Views make secure field-level access possible. Log Retention means users can dictate how long different types of logs are stored. These new features help users comply with standards and regulations in the data space. Our guests give more examples of how these tools improve logging tasks.

Philip O’Toole

Philip O’Toole is an Engineering Manager at Google Pittsburgh, leading development teams working on GCP’s Cloud Logging Platform. Prior to Google he led development teams at InfluxDB, Loggly, and Riverbed Technology. You can find him on the web at

Reed Taylor

Reed Taylor is a Senior Product Manager at Google Pittsburgh, just last week marked his 10th “Googleversary” since starting at the office. In that time he’s worked on a range of products including Google Search, Google Shopping, and AdWords. Reed joined GCP just this Spring, and is now focused on Logging products within the Cloud Operations suite.

Cool things of the week
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What’s something cool you’re working on?

Terry has been working on tutorials for the Cloud Ops team. His recent Cloud Logging tutorial is available now.

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