BeyondCorp with Kiran Nair and Ameet Jani
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Stephanie Wong joins our old pal Mark Mirchandani this week to chat about BeyondCorp Enterprise and the way enterprise companies are using this security software.

Ameet starts the show explaining BeyondCorp’s three pillars of security, including how detailed customer and client knowledge aid in security. Kiran elaborates, stressing the importance of the web browser’s contribution to a secure experience. With BeyondCorp Enterprise offerings, companies can layer additional protections in the cloud, supplementing the often lacking network model and adding better security protections across devices. BeyondCorp offers a simpler implementation structure as well. Things like monitoring can be switched on with a click. We hear about the features of BeyondCorp, including how users help shape the way BeyondCorp protects their projects. Ameet walks us through how a client could add BeyondCorp to their current security infrastructure and the specific benefits of doing so.

BeyondCorp Enterprise, an easy off-the-shelf offering, was inspired by Google’s own security measures. With automatic added protections in Chrome, BeyondCorp Enterprise takes the most secure browser in the world and ups the game for enterprise employees working from any device. Kiran describes these additional measures and why they’re important for enterprise users. Ameet and Kiran tell us the steps required to set up the software and the customizations available. Enterprise customers should think through groups of users and what will be allowed by each. On the browser side, the three tiers of security features, including invisible features, can be implemented and changed easily.

With the new BeyondCorp Enterprise, enterprise clients are now able to take advantage of the advanced security of the cloud. Through real company examples, Ameet and Kiran share with us the ways this software is already changing the enterprise security game.

Kiran Nair

Kiran Nair is a product manager on Google Chrome. His focus area is security, and keeping Chrome users safe from web based threats. Besides spending the last 12 years building software and hardware products, Kiran is a certified yoga trainer and enjoys a casual game of tennis in the evening

Ameet Jani

Ameet is the product manager for BeyondCorp Enterprise.

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Question of the week

Can you clearly explain GCP policy resource inheritance? What does it mean when the policy is effectively a union or additive?

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