reCAPTCHA Enterprise with Kelly Anderson + Spring ML Potholes with Eric Clark
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This week, your hosts Mark Mirchandani and Priyanka Vergadia are joined by Google Product Marketing Lead for Online Fraud Protection, Kelly Anderson, to talk about reCAPTCHA Enterprise. Kelly’s main focus at Google, reCAPTCHA, is a service that helps online companies determine if a user is a human or an automated system. With an advanced risk analysis engine, Google’s reCAPTCHA system has been defending sites from fraud for more than a decade. We talk about the evolution of reCAPTCHA and learn about the specific attributes of each version.

Later, we focus on reCAPTCHA Enterprise which caters this security software to enterprise companies. Like version three, Enterprise boasts detailed risk analysis and actions. Companies can also expect reason codes for high risk scores and the ability to use the risk analysis engine customized to their company. They are able to find bots impersonating users and neutralize them easily. reCAPTCHA Enterprise is easy to use, whether you’re a Google Cloud customer or not. With the handy API, any company can take advantage of this security feature. Kelly leads us through the steps of deploying the API and details instances where this software plays a vital role in the protection of your website across multiple devices.

Kelly takes us through the reCAPTCHA Enterprise dashboard and talks about the future as we conclude the show. reCAPTCHA hopes to move beyond behavioral protection to continue to stay ahead of malicious actors online. As Kelly explains, Machine Learning will become more and more important as fraud detection continues to grow and change.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson currently leads product marketing for Google Cloud’s online fraud protection business. She devotes most of her time to working on reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Web Risk and is passionate about helping businesses and their customers stay protected from fraud and abuse. Prior to Google, she worked in product marketing for Microsoft in Azure, where she marketed a variety of security products and business continuity products. For more information about Kelly Anderson and her leather jacket, you can follow her on Twitter.

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Stackchat at home

This week, Max Saltonstall is fixing potholes in Memphis with Eric Clark of SpringML.

What’s something cool you’re working on?

Priyanka has been working on Google Cloud Whiteboard episodes Operations and CDN. She’s been working on new comic strips for zero trust and new GCPSketchnotes as well!

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