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Dr. Gary Chapman suggests discipline is crucial in saying no to certain things.

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The Boundless Show
The Boundless Show
Focus on the Family
Popping the Question (Part 1): Episode 663
Men tell how they proposed to their girlfriends, plus myths about singleness, and is it time to stop texting a male friend? Featured musical artist: Abandon Roundtable: Engagement Stories (The Guys’ Side) With the holidays fast approaching, many young men are engagement-ring shopping in anticipation of popping the question to their girlfriends. The process can be nerve-wracking, but also a lot of fun. In part one of this conversation (part two with the ladies next week!), men share their proposal stories including the dos and don’ts, the plans and the surprises, and helpful ideas for making an engagement day meaningful.  Culture: Sam Allberry on Singleness Myths People say and assume a lot of weird things about singleness — and single adults. Pastor and author Sam Allberry has heard most of them. In this interview he addresses seven of the sneakiest, lamest and most damaging myths the world and even the church perpetuate about being single, and offers practical ways to respond to them. He also shares helpful encouragement for those of us wanting to reject the myths and thrive as Christian singles.    Inbox: Daily Texts, but Nothing Serious?  She’s been texting a guy daily for a year, but claims she doesn’t want anything serious because he doesn’t seem serious about his faith. Is it possible to stay in contact and remain friends? How should she move forward? Lisa Anderson weighs in.
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Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Episode 32: Indoctrination Through Education | School Board Meeting Follow-Up
I started my last social media post with a statement: “Recognizing a group which has overcome a lot of barriers.” In our county in Florida, where my children attend school, the idea was proposed to “celebrate” LGBTQ+ History Month in schools where kids of all ages would be taught this sexual ideology. I have been talking about taking a stand for the education of our children a lot lately. Being a mom and a Christian with a public platform, I receive letters from parents all across the country who have great concern over what their kids are being taught in schools. Recently, I received a message from a grandmother of a fourth grader after a book was sent home about two boys falling in love and kissing. We have seen in Virginia schools where there have been books about LGBT in kindergarten. When this issue came to my own doorstep this week, I had to practice what I preach. Why has sexual ideology become the forefront of educational endeavors? And why would you introduce teaching something like sexuality to kindergarten-aged kids that can’t even tie their own shoes? Why do school districts want to take the place of parents? I address these questions, my experience this week at my local school board meeting, and my suggestions for how we should approach this on the #FearlessPodcast. *Scripture Referenced* * Ephesians 5:15-16 * John 1:17 *Going Farther* * *Why states need to ditch mandatory ‘LGBT history’ education programs* – * *Virginia School District to Keep LGBTQ Children’s Books* – * Billy Graham sermon, “*Educational problems in America” *– *Websites:* * Billy Graham Evangelistic Association — * Billy Graham Radio — * Samaritan’s Purse — *Facebooks:* * Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Facebook: * Billy Graham Facebook: * Billy Graham Radio Facebook:
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ESV: Through the Bible in a Year
ESV: Through the Bible in a Year
October 21: Jeremiah 2–3; Psalm 104; Romans 1
Old Testament: Jeremiah 2–3 Jeremiah 2–3 (Listen) Israel Forsakes the Lord *2 *The word of the LORD came to me, saying, *2 *“Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem, Thus says the LORD,   “I remember the devotion of your youth,     your love as a bride,   how you followed me in the wilderness,     in a land not sown. *3 *  Israel was holy to the LORD,     the firstfruits of his harvest.   All who ate of it incurred guilt;     disaster came upon them,       declares the LORD.” *4 *Hear the word of the LORD, O house of Jacob, and all the clans of the house of Israel. *5 *Thus says the LORD:   “What wrong did your fathers find in me     that they went far from me,   and went after worthlessness, and became worthless? *6 *  They did not say, ‘Where is the LORD     who brought us up from the land of Egypt,   who led us in the wilderness,     in a land of deserts and pits,   in a land of drought and deep darkness,     in a land that none passes through,     where no man dwells?’ *7 *  And I brought you into a plentiful land     to enjoy its fruits and its good things.   But when you came in, you defiled my land     and made my heritage an abomination. *8 *  The priests did not say, ‘Where is the LORD?’     Those who handle the law did not know me;   the shepherds1 transgressed against me;     the prophets prophesied by Baal     and went after things that do not profit. *9 *  “Therefore I still contend with you,       declares the LORD,     and with your children’s children I will contend. *10 *  For cross to the coasts of Cyprus and see,     or send to Kedar and examine with care;     see if there has been such a thing. *11 *  Has a nation changed its gods,     even though they are no gods?   But my people have changed their glory     for that which does not profit. *12 *  Be appalled, O heavens, at this;     be shocked, be utterly desolate,       declares the LORD, *13 *  for my people have committed two evils:   they have forsaken me,     the fountain of living waters,   and hewed out cisterns for themselves,     broken cisterns that can hold no water. *14 *  “Is Israel a slave? Is he a homeborn servant?     Why then has he become a prey? *15 *  The lions have roared against him;     they have roared loudly.   They have made his land a waste;     his cities are in ruins, without inhabitant. *16 *  Moreover, the men of Memphis and Tahpanhes     have shaved2 the crown of your head. *17 *  Have you not brought this upon yourself     by forsaking the LORD your God,     when he led you in the way? *18 *  And now what do you gain by going to Egypt     to drink the waters of the Nile?   Or what do you gain by going to Assyria     to drink the waters of the Euphrates?3 *19 *  Your evil will chastise you,     and your apostasy will reprove you.   Know and see that it is evil and bitter     for you to forsake the LORD your God;     the fear of me is not in you,       declares the Lord GOD of hosts. *20 *  “For long ago I broke your yoke     and burst your bonds;     but you said, ‘I will not serve.’   Yes, on every high hill     and under every green tree     you bowed down like a whore. *21 *  Yet I planted you a choice vine,     wholly of pure seed.   How then have you turned degenerate     and become a wild vine? *22 *  Though you wash yourself with lye     and use much soap,     the stain of your guilt is still before me,       declares the Lord GOD. *23 *  How can you say, ‘I am not unclean,     I have not gone after the Baals’?   Look at your way in the valley;     know what you have done—   a restless young camel running here and there, *24 *    a wild donkey used to the wilderness,   in her heat sniffing the wind!     Who can restrain her lust?   None who seek her need weary themselves;     in her month they will find her. *25 *  Keep your feet from going unshod     and your throat from thirst.   But you said, ‘It is hopeless,     for I have loved foreigners,     and after them I will go.’ *26 *  “As a thief is shamed when caught,     so the house of Israel shall be shamed:   they, their kings, their officials,     their priests, and their prophets, *27 *  who say to a tree, ‘You are my father,’     and to a stone, ‘You gave me birth.’   For they have turned their back to me,     and not their face.   But in the time of their trouble they say,     ‘Arise and save us!’ *28 *  But where are your gods     that you made for yourself?   Let them arise, if they can save you,     in your time of trouble;   for as many as your cities     are your gods, O Judah. *29 *  “Why do you contend with me?     You have all transgressed against me,       declares the LORD. *30 *  In vain have I struck your children;     they took no correction;   your own sword devoured your prophets     like a ravening lion. *31 *  And you, O generation, behold the word of the LORD.   Have I been a wilderness to Israel,     or a land of thick darkness?   Why then do my people say, ‘We are free,     we will come no more to you’? *32 *  Can a virgin forget her ornaments,     or a bride her attire?   Yet my people have forgotten me     days without number. *33 *  “How well you direct your course     to seek love!   So that even to wicked women     you have taught your ways. *34 *  Also on your skirts is found     the lifeblood of the guiltless poor;   you did not find them breaking in.     Yet in spite of all these things *35 *  you say, ‘I am innocent;     surely his anger has turned from me.’   Behold, I will bring you to judgment     for saying, ‘I have not sinned.’ *36 *  How much you go about,     changing your way!   You shall be put to shame by Egypt     as you were put to shame by Assyria. *37 *  From it too you will come away     with your hands on your head,   for the LORD has rejected those in whom you trust,     and you will not prosper by them. *3 *  “If4 a man divorces his wife     and she goes from him   and becomes another man’s wife,     will he return to her?   Would not that land be greatly polluted?   You have played the whore with many lovers;     and would you return to me?       declares the LORD. *2 *  Lift up your eyes to the bare heights, and see!     Where have you not been ravished?   By the waysides you have sat awaiting lovers     like an Arab in the wilderness.   You have polluted the land     with your vile whoredom. *3 *  Therefore the showers have been withheld,     and the spring rain has not come;   yet you have the forehead of a whore;     you refuse to be ashamed. *4 *  Have you not just now called to me,     ‘My father, you are the friend of my youth— *5 *  will he be angry forever,     will he be indignant to the end?’   Behold, you have spoken,     but you have done all the evil that you could.” Faithless Israel Called to Repentance *6 *The LORD said to me in the days of King Josiah: “Have you seen what she did, that faithless one, Israel, how she went up on every high hill and under every green tree, and there played the whore? *7 *And I thought, ‘After she has done all this she will return to me,’ but she did not return, and her treacherous sister Judah saw it. *8 *She saw that for all the adulteries of that faithless one, Israel, I had sent her away with a decree of divorce. Yet her treacherous sister Judah did not fear, but she too went and played the who…
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