Love Can Win Their Hearts
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Dr. Gary Chapman reminds parents of blended families to continue to reach out to their stepchildren in love, regardless of the reaction they receive.

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FamilyLife Blended® Podcast
FamilyLife Blended® Podcast
Ron Deal
43: Growing Up in a Blender: Who’s my Daddy?
Imagine you have a relationship with your father for many years, then find out there are family secrets that will dramatically change your relationship and life. Stepfamily instability can bring confusion and shame to both children and adults. But God works in and through imperfect people and families. Listen to Ron Deal's conversation with Ray and Robin McKelvy and how God's love and grace brought resilience and redemption to their stepfamily story. Show Notes and Resources Episode 2: Life in a Blender with Dave and Ann Wilson. Episode 14: In Their Shoes with Lauren Reitsema. Episode 28: Growing Up in a Blender with David Bowden and Ryan Guinee. Learn more about Robyn McKelvy and her ministry. You can get the poem Ray quoted, The Secret, in Robyn's book SOS: Sick of Sex. Check out the Blended Family Ministry Map to find ministries and events in your area. Learn more about the online courses FamilyLife has to offer. Your generous support of FamilyLife helps create podcasts like the FamilyLife Blended® Podcast.
1 hr 11 min
Keys For Kids Ministries Podcast
Keys For Kids Ministries Podcast
Keys For Kids Ministries
Good Luck Penny
Bible Reading: Psalm 139:1-6; Matthew 10:29-31 As Devin and Jake walked home from school, Devin spied a penny on the sidewalk. "Mine!" he declared, picking it up. "You can't buy much with a penny, but at least now I won't have bad luck today." Jake frowned. "What does a penny have to do with luck?" he asked. "Haven't you heard the rhyme about pennies?" asked Devin. "You know--'Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.'" Devin grinned at Jake. "Now aren't you sorry you didn't see it first?" "Not really," Jake replied. "I don't believe in luck." "What?" Devin stared at his friend. "How can you not believe in luck?" Jake shrugged. "I believe God controls what happens in our lives." "God?" Devin shook his head. "Maybe He controls big things like wars and earthquakes and floods--stuff like that. But I'm sure He can't be bothered with all the details in the lives of billions of people--especially not kids like us." "Sure He can. He's watching over everything," insisted Jake. "He even cares about little birds." "Really?" Devin asked. "Where did you hear that?" "The Bible. It says God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, and He knows exactly how many hairs everybody has on their heads." Jake looked at Devin. "People are much more important to God than sparrows. He sent Jesus, His Son, to die for our sins, and He promises to do what's best for us, even when bad things happen. That's why I don't believe in luck--because I trust Jesus to take care of me. He cares about every detail of our lives." "Where'd you learn all this Bible stuff?" asked Devin. "From my parents," Jake answered. "And in church. Have you ever been to church?" Devin shook his head. "Well, you can come with me sometime if you want to. We sing songs, hear Bible stories, and learn more about God." "Well okay," said Devin as they reached his house. "I think Mom will let me." He looked at the penny. "If what you say is right, I guess I won't need this." He grinned. "But my grandpa always says that saved pennies turn into dollars, so I'll just keep it anyway." Carolyn E. Yost*How About You?* Do you think luck controls your life? Or do you trust God to take care of you? God made the earth and everything in it, including you. He sees and controls all things, big and small. He cares about small creatures like sparrows, and He cares about you even more. Jesus died and rose again to save you, and He promises to always take care of you. Thank Him for His loving care, and trust Him with every detail of your life. *Today's Key Verse:* So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. (CSB) (Matthew 10:31) *Today's Key Thought:* God cares about you
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