The CityAge Podcast
More than 70 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. What does that mean? That means we need to build the equivalent of one New York City every single month. For the next 40 years. And that means the way we build our cities will define the next century.But there’s a problem. The way we’ve been building our cities isn’t working anymore. Cities are responsible for 70 percent of carbon emissions. They’re home to social and structural inequities. They’re not universally accessible, physically or financially.At CityAge, we’re figuring out how to do it differently - how to do it right.On this show Alon Marcovici and Anna Stafford are sitting down with the people on the cutting edge of building this urban future.But you can’t build the future alone.So we invite you to join us, right here, every other week, as we embark on this age of cities together.
The CityAge Podcast
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