Field Tripping
Field Tripping
Nov 3, 2020
Jesus is Psychedelic | Jackee Stang
Play • 40 min

Jackee Stang is President and Founder of Delic Corp – an umbrella brand for psychedelic community and wellness. Jackee talks with Ronan about coping in a world that’s seemingly on fire – and how ketamine helps her break the bubble of anxiety to create space for hope. Plus, we talk epigenetics, neuropathway memory, and finding the right substance to be present. And while on ayahuasca, Jackee recalls how she reconnected with religion to realize that Jesus is Psychedelic. Finally, we confront what thought leadership actually looks like.Show Notes:Jackee talks about life during a pandemic as ‘strange and scary’ and how it has exposed the cracks in society – which is important to acknowledge (1:55)Jackee describes using psychedelics and ketamine to help break the bubble of anxiety to create space between her default neuro-network. (6:10)Jackee talks about how her anxiety is related to epigenetics, and her hope for psychedelics to study the phenomena (9:10)Because the brain is powerful and stubborn psychedelics help Jackee explore her thoughts –while staying on top of her mental health (11:10)Jackee talks about her first experience with ketamine as a club kid, and her rediscovery many years later with IV ketamine in a clinic. It was ‘legitimately impactful’ (13:00)Ketamine is a life hack, that allows her to quiet the doubt monster and create a new neuropathway. Concepts of death and consciousness consume her thoughts while on ketamine (16:30)In the psychedelic conversation, understanding your personal tether is important during exploration. It is what you want it to be, and you can play with it (20:00)Jackee talks about her religious upbringing, and how it helped her realize that ‘Jesus is Psychedelic’ while on an ayahuasca journey; reconnecting and reconciling without shame (23:00)Jackee describes working with Dave Asprey at Bulletproof during her early career as one of the most fun experiences of her professional life (27:20)Jackee talks about creating and running Delic Corp – and how she’s comfortable in the driver’s seat after leaving ‘High Times’ (29:50)How the pandemic has forced Jackee to confront what thought leadership actually looks like and what it’s really about. (33:30)

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