PlayCity: Building Community Through Play, Ep. #17
Play • 28 min

How do you find connections and build community as a newcomer in a new city? How do you find people with shared interests? PlayCity is an app that was created out of necessity from a place of isolation. Four years ago, Hafiz Mitha had just moved back from Bangkok. Every day—from his condo—he’d stare at completely empty tennis courts. He could never find someone to play tennis with a complete novice like himself. He realized that most people had a lack of network and lack of the same skill level when it came to physical activities. 

He looked at Tinder and Bumble and thought—what if he did the same thing, but for physical activity buddies? What if he could connect people to events, facilities, programs, and other people? PlayCity became a solution to his problem. PlayCity was created out of a desire to create diverse and meaningful relationships with play as the medium. In this episode of Content Callout, Hafiz joins us to talk about building community, combating loneliness, and how to find your “why” as an entrepreneur. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] All about the PlayCity app
  • [2:42] How PlayCity has evolved during COVID
  • [4:57] The importance of community in marketing
  • [6:11] Finding the soul of your business
  • [8:58] Embracing the practice of gratitude
  • [11:56] How to find time for self-care as an entrepreneur
  • [13:45] The future of PlayCity
  • [16:39] PlayCity = a healthy escape
  • [17:53] A strong ‘why’ is important
  • [19:25] Create awareness to build a community
  • [22:07] Hafiz’s vision for the future of PlayCity
  • [23:39] How to get connected in PlayCity

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