The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Cannabis with Amber Craig, Ep #31
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Two years ago, FOUR20 was one of two cannabis retailers open on day one of cannabis legalization in Canada. Now, they have 14 different locations with 130+ employees. Amber Craig—their Chief Merchandising Officer—joined them full-time once cannabis was fully legalized.

But everyone's wondering: What does marketing for cannabis look like? What are the hard and fast rules about advertising? How is it regulated? We have a fascinating discussion about the dos and don'ts of marketing cannabis in this episode of Content Callout. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:09] All about FOUR20 and the cannabis industry
  • [2:10] The stigma of cannabis use
  • [4:48] Marketing regulations around cannabis
  • [10:08] The fight for legitimacy
  • [12:56] What makes the industry exciting?
  • [14:56] The educational phase of cannabis
  • [17:47] The challenges that cannabis stores face
  • [22:06] Handling cannabis supply and demand
  • [24:45] Getting into the cannabis industry
  • [26:55] About the Breaking Free Foundation
  • [35:22] The stigma of giving donations
  • [36:20] Cannabis = an ever-changing landscape
  • [39:43] How to get more information

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