Why all B2B brands NEED a podcast with Lindsay Tjepkema, Ep #34
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Why do all brands need podcasts? How does a podcast create a brand connection that other content doesn’t? How can you harness the voices and perspectives of experts as the centerpiece of all of your marketing? In this episode of Content Callout, Lindsay Tjepkema—the CEO and co-founder of Casted and THE podcast queen—talks about why brands NEED podcasts, about outdated marketing playbooks, and harnessing the voices of experts.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:55] This is a podcast about podcasts
  • [3:05] Why all B2B brands NEED a podcast
  • [5:48] Where a B2B brand should start
  • [7:03] The ability to create connections
  • [9:15] How Casted changed the game
  • [12:42] Move away from old playbooks
  • [18:30] Harnessing the voice of experts
  • [21:03] Where Lindsay sees the field headed
  • [24:36] How to learn more about Casted

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