Learn How to “Brag Better” with Meredith Fineman, Ep #29
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Meredith Fineman has been a freelance writer for 15 years. She writes about women’s issues, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and how they intersect. She has built her own personal brand—writing, speaking, and doing events. As she was cultivating her business, she was watching the trajectory of women. 

She saw young women that couldn’t talk positively about their work. She also saw friends undercut and sell themselves short. In the fall of 2013, she booked a client on TV. This woman was perfect for the job, but she didn’t do it because she didn’t feel qualified enough. 

That’s when Meredith realized that many people need to learn how to brag. What is her definition of bragging? How can it change the trajectory of your career? Find out in this episode of Content Callout!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:37] All about Meredith’s book: “Brag Better”
  • [4:15] The word “brag” in itself
  • [7:03] The idea of self-deprecation
  • [11:49] Why you should brag to your colleagues
  • [14:43] Can you brag too much?
  • [20:25] Bragging better is about control
  • [24:48] Skills can apply anywhere and everywhere
  • [26:10] Was it easy to start bragging?
  • [27:55] How to be an ally for the qualified quiet
  • [31:17] Meredith’s podcast: It Never Gets Old
  • [35:44] How to connect with Meredith

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