GRC & Me
GRC & Me
Nov 6, 2019
Pursuing Sustainable and Continually Improving Programs | Jack Tanselle
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Top 3 Quotes

  • Risk assessment is not the same thing as conducting an assessment of your compliance program.
  • The risk assessment is not designed to be an audit of every activity your company is doing; it’s designed to scan across the breadth of what your company is doing
  • The skill-set needs are changing.

Show Highlights

[01:41] Jack shares what led him to risk and compliance as a career path.
[03:51] How Jack crossed paths with LogicGate founders.
[04:34] Jack explains what is RAMP and how it benefits clients today.
[06:19] How companies can adopt continuous improvement within their compliance programs according to Jack.
[08:58] Some more examples of what you can do for continuous improvement.
[10:13] How things are changing in the near, medium and long term future in the risk and compliance world.
[13:24] The processes clients and companies have taken to ensure success and enabled them to move forward.
[15:00] A brief origin of Jack's other talent.


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