GRC & Me
GRC & Me
Aug 28, 2019
The Concept of Defensibility | Neil Watkins
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Top 3 Takeaways

  • Defensibility is the ultimate concept that everybody drives to—whether they say it out loud or not.
  • In the security landscape we see today, there are many opportunities for improvement.
  • Even when I employ all of my resources, even when I put my best foot forward out there, failures can occur in my ability to protect data.

Show Highlights
[00:47] Neil introduces Asureti.
[01:23] What is SRCP?
[02:45] Do organizations have solid strategy around GRC principles today?
[04:50] The functions that need to be in place.
[07:36] The concept of "Good enough can be the cool."
[09:30] What should organizations be thinking about in terms of preparedness or potential consequences?
[11:09] The cliche of "Nothing bad has ever happened before.''
[12:54] Neil's encouragement to everyone.

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