Start Messy. How Lindsey Hein Started a Now Thriving Podcast
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Are you living this one? This lie we tell ourselves, when I get caught up I’m gonna _________. Then fill in the blank with that thing you really want to do, the thing you can’t stop thinking about. It’s all a lie because you’re never getting caught up. Ever.

So now what? Are you just going to let that dream of yours die until you get your inbox to zero? Or after you prep for the quarterly meeting. By the way, the quarterly meeting happens again …. in 3 months. The continuous cycle of demands and busy that may be drowning your dreams and your spirit.

Lindsey Hein from I’ll Have Another podcast on the current episode of The Badass Womens Council podcast shares her story. With 4 boys under the age of 6, Lindsey could have easily lived that lie and most would have considered it a legitimate excuse not to live her dreams. Yet she researches and finds top name guests, interviews those guests, and publishes an episode every week while supporting a highly engaged audience and speaking appearances. Let this inspire you, you can do it too!


  1. Announce It, Then Figure it Out – There’s accountability in sharing your dream.
  2. Start Messy – The need to be “right” or perfect stops too many talented badasses from bringing their gifts to the world.
  3. Listen to Your Inner Badass – The thing you can’t stop thinking about is probably the gift and dream that God planted in you from your beginning, stop shushing it.
  4. Baby Steps are Still Steps – You don’t need to quit everything and go to school to learn every detail. Sit down at home in your PJ’s and craft a plan, then start searching for information to take one step. Repeat.
  5. Your Story and your Struggle Inspires Others – By sharing her fears and the discovery of testing positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation, Lindsey landed a spot on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine from nearly 2000 applicants. That courageous act has opened doors and helped her inspire and engage her audience.
  6. You CAN Change – Lindsey knows that she’s prone to fear. By knowing that about herself she can mindfully recognize and intentionally shift those tendencies to more positive outcomes.

Listen to this episode and be inspired to live a messy imperfect life while taking baby steps to your dream. Then jump over to listen to Lindsey’s podcast, I’ll Have Another. Don’t miss the Instagram stories of the real life of Lindsey Hein and her messy and beautiful crew!

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