Mentors Matter: A Conversation with Drift's First Gen at Drift Employee Resource Group
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"I was so dependent on that program in high school that I didn't realize that there's not really something for that in college, and there's definitely not that type of support for post-grad and being in the working world...It would be nice through this ERG or on a larger scale for first-generation professionals to have some other network of support of other mentors who are in higher positions who have navigated corporate America and all that that entails."

For so many us, we feel supported through high school, have some mentorship through college, and then get to the "real world," where we're left floundering with, at first, no mentors at all.

This statement is felt 10x for first-generation employees, who not only have to navigate corporate America for the first time, but who also have to overcome the feeling of being the other while learning financial literacy.

That's why Drifters John Cole and Ezinne Ogbonna founded the First Gen at Drift employee resource group -- a dedicated space for first-generation Drifters to come together, find mentors, and to learn from each other. In this episode of The American Dream, John and Ezinne tell Elias more about the mission behind the First Gen at Drift ERG, why they think mentors matter, and they share the stories that shaped them into who they are today.

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