Making the Jump from Big Tech to Startup (With's Cuco Vega)
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"I always wanted to start my own business. I think that's just because growing up, that's how I saw my parents. And the reason I love the name of your podcast is because I feel like every time I talk about my experience, it's like this experience is really the continuation of my parents' American Dream."

What's it like to go from working your way into big tech, just to pivot and start your own company?

Cuco Vega, and host Elias Torres, know first-hand.

Cuco immigrated to the United States from Mexico as a young adult, and he worked in a variety of engineering agencies. When he decided to switch his career to product design, he also made the jump into big tech. But after a few years, Cuco realized it was time to fulfill his ultimate dream -- to start his own company, and was born. is a tool that helps small businesses create and launch landing page social campaigns in minutes -- something Elias has experience in as well. In this episode of the American Dream, Cuco and Elias swap stories about what it feels like to try to make a name for yourself in US tech as an immigrant, the reality of building a company from scratch, and what the motivating forces are behind everything they do.

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