Helping More Students Walk Through Computer Science Doors (With SVEF's Lisa Andrew)
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The secret to helping students succeed in computer science isn't a secret at all. They just need access to a high-quality, robust, curriculum.

But opening those doors to an adequate computer science curriculum is easier said than done.

Lisa Andrew, president of Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), has dedicated her adult life to working with students and teachers. Through her experience, Lisa has seen how a bureaucratic education system can create obstacles for certain community sectors. She and SVEF are on a mission to break down those obstacles by advocating for more doors to be opened for all students in California, and providing both students and teachers with the services they need to help them walk through those doors.

In this episode of the American Dream podcast, Lisa explains how and why there's unequal funding for students in Silicon Valley, the importance of not only advocating for students, but delivering services to them, and how her own childhood experience, followed by her experience as a mother of biracial children, informs her work today.

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