Seeking Wisdom
Seeking Wisdom
Oct 29, 2018
#135: Thinking Fast & Slow (And The Reason Why Everything Is Always On Sale)
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On this episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG break down lessons from Daniel Kahneman’s classic book Thinking, Fast and Slow – and why this might be the most important book for anyone in sales and marketing. Topics on this episode: -Lessons from a recent outdoor ad campaign and American Eagle -Cognitive biases - Anchoring effect - The Halo Effect - What will DC be for Halloween? Before you go leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review and share the pod with your friends! Be sure to check out more insights on the Drift blog at and find us on Twitter @davegerhardt, @dcancel and @seekingwisdomio. In this episode: 1:00 – Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman 1:05 – Marketing lesson from blitz billboards in San Francisco YouTube 3:13 – How to get the referral and DC’s playbook 5:20 – Why DC loves Thinking, Fast and Slow…the third degree, black belt 6:16 – Blinkist app/website for book summary 7:38 – Why this is an important book for business people 8:13 – How we make decisions 8:38 – System 1 thinking – fast, intuitive, emotional, reptilian brain (DG!) 9:15 – System 2 thinking – slower, deliberate, logical thinker, DC’s sleep on it hack 9:59 – Learning how to modulate and create guardrails for yourself in biases 10:20 – Charlie Munger and realizing you don’t have control over biases 11:15 – Anchoring Effect 12:38 – Discounting as a form of anchoring 12:56 – DC’s trip to American Eagle with his daughter 13:43 – We’re all blind to this stuff 14:25 – The Halo Effect 15:12 – Shep Gordon, the master of the Halo Effect or Light Bulb Effect 15:54 – DG’s tips to understanding the magic in marketing 16:25 – Doing the work, practicing and applying what you learn 17:24 – What is Halloween?   Books mentioned in this episode: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Influence by Robert Cialdini
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