Zanna and Billiam
Zanna and Billiam
Aug 22, 2021
B99: The Jimmy Jab Games (2.3)
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For our coverage of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's classic Jimmy Jab Games, we're remote again due to Susannah's being in Martha's Vineyard. But what we lack in being in person, we make up for in Audrey! Also: carnival prizes, Larry David and Alan Dershowitz, sound effects, the dating lives and jail times of mobsters who dip children in acid, "moshing like there's no tomorrow", books, Will not leaving clothing in Carrie Brownstein's dressing room, paper plates, Susannah’s ability to make pompoms (with a machine), SNL references, and our recent travels to some of the least exotic places in the US.

Next week, we're fulfilling the prophecy we unknowingly gave when we named our outro segment "What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year" and covering its 30 Rock episode namesake.

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