How to Tell if You’re a Martyr, a Missionary, or Meaningless
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Nicole Dean's theory is that we have 3 areas of our lives and if we get out of balance and don't take care of all three of them, we will have issues and become a martyr, a missionary, or meaningless.

My guest on this podcast, Nicole Dean, is launching the Awesomization Nation Movement so that amazing business people can share more of their awesome selves by focusing on daily actions for all 3 areas. And then acting on their promptings to be even more awesome. I have had a crush on Kid President for a while because of his sassy messages about being awesome, but this is even better.

An unbalanced life looks different depending on which area you're neglecting. For instance, If you focus only on your life and business, you will feel meaningless because that inward focus doesn't serve anyone else. If you focus only on your life and the world, you'll be a missionary because you won't be making any money. (Boo!)

And finally, if you focus only on your business and the world and neglect yourself, you become a martyr and your health, sanity, and peace are in jeopardy. Does any of this ring a bell? I have to ask because I can't see you nodding your head.

In today's podcast, you will learn how to put all 3 pieces together so that more awesome can happen including:

  • What compelled Nicole to encourage us to be awesome right now
  • What awesome people do that's different from others
  • What prevents us from accomplishing our goals
  • Special challenges that women have with showing their awesome
  • The darker side of awesome and how to deal with it
  • Effective tools for managing overwhelm

Show notes are available at

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