Reclaiming Your Career During a Pandemic
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Anna Oakes is a consultant coach and caretaker of humanity. She combines her love for humanity with her 20 plus years of corporate experience. Now the magic, the intersection of her love for humanity and her love and understanding of corporate is what she's going to share with us today. She's not talking about something that she's read about, or something that she saw on TV, or an article that she read in an airplane magazine while she was on a flight. What she's bringing today is what she knows because she has walked it, she has been on the ground. and she's walked it and talked it. And she's going to tell us how we visualize what our next best step is, how we move from where we are to where we want to be, and most importantly, how we reclaim ownership of our career in a way that lights us on fire. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • How COVID has affected our spirits, family and work dynamics
  • How to determine what you should keep doing and what you should change
  • Why now is the perfect time for organizations to change
  • How we’ve lost control of our own careers
  • How the pandemic has changed the way we view work
  • How we can reclaim ownership, direction, energy for our careers?
  • The number one cause of burnout right now in the world of work
  • How to bridge the gap between self awareness and self advocacy
  • The difference between being managed and being led

Full show notes and transcript available at

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