DIY Juice Cleanse Detox + How to make this your best year yet + Releasing 2020 + finding your happy
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"The secret to change is not to focus all your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~Socrates

Happy 2021. What a GREAT year it will be! ...let's start if off by cleansing our mind + body so we can enter into the new year renewed. Join me!

In this weeks episode we discuss how to release the past, let go of self judgement and any negative feelings we don't want. I will also share how to change the 2020 narrative in our mind and embrace the year ahead with eagerness.

Let's get real...2020 was a challenge, but it was also full of blessings and unusual opportunities. Find out how to free your mind from low vibrating thoughts and limiting beliefs so you can soar in to 2021 with and open heart and fresher outlook. I also discuss how you can feel better through cleansing at home, get more energy, boost your immune system and find happiness in the midst of our current situation around the world.

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I will also discuss

  • Why I start the New Year with a detoxing juice cleanse and how you can easily do it yourself from home.
  • The LifeCo Wellbeing Center Intermittent Fasting Challenge
  • How to boost your immune system
  • Why you should not chew during detox
  • The role of inflammation in illness
  • Weight loss
  • The Alcohol Experiment
  • 2020 Blessing Challenge
  • Releasing self judgement
  • Law of attraction

Juice Cleanse Sample Schedule

8:00 am Immune booster lemonade*

9:30 am Green Juice** or Celery Juice

11:30 am Green Juice

1:00 pm Green Juice

3:00 pm Green Juice

4:30 pm Green Juice

6:00 pm Green Juice

8:00 pm Green Juice

(follow each juice with a glass of water, you may also have the veggie soup/broth and herbal tea as desired +probiotics and electrolytes.)

*Immune Lemonade Flush: Water, fresh lemon, ginger, cayenne, garlic apple cider vinegar, agave or maple syrup to taste

**Green Juice: fresh cold pressed green veggies, no fruit except lemon. I like fresh when I can, but usually I buy Suja Green Juice at Trader Joes as a convenient cost alternative. That said, local fresh juice companies are a great way to support your local community. Just look for green leafy veggies, celery, cucumber, broccoli etc, but no fruit like apples or pears. (You want to keep it low sugar)

Detox Soup: Chop up and simmer together 1 package of organic carrots, large bunch of celery with the greens, onion, fresh garlic. (Beets if you like the taste) Add anti inflammatory spices to taste: Turmeric, cumin, sage, red pepper, black pepper, curry, dill, lemon. For detox immune boost cleanse DO NOT EAT THE VEGGIES. For a regular cleanse, feel free to eat them. You can even add a sweet potato or nutritional yeast for added minerals and protein.

My Favorite Tea: Pour hot water in a cup with fresh sliced ginger root, cinnamon(natural appetite suppressor), a few sage leaves, lemon and a squeeze of honey. its good for your gut, throat, reduces mucus and it tastes good. for some added benefit and a fresh rosemary sprig for mental clarity.

Weekly Mantra:

“Today I love myself more, I release the past, and I trust that the best is yet to come.”

I hope you enjoyed the show, and if you did please share the love with your friends and write me a review on apple podcast or google podcast. Also, check out my other episodes with some engaging guests discussing, CBD, Chakras, The Law of Attraction, Meditation and more.

I want to hear from you and answer your questions on ANYTHING from Chakras and crystals to relationships, finding your light and plant-based diet...ask away at or DM me on Instagram @Michelleschoenfeldofficial @youlostmeatnamaste


Upcoming Events

  • 2021 Beach Pray Love Retreat at The LifeCo, Bodrum Turkey, date TBD
  • Coming to Turkey, Washington, DC or San Antonio Texas and want to be part of my show or studio audience? Shoot me a message or send me a pitch. 

You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy.

~ namaste

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