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Welcome to Season 3 of You Lost Me at Namaste, broadcasting from Washington DC + Bodrum Turkey! Now listened to in over 60 countries and growing! I’m the host Michelle Schoenfeld, Energy Healer and Wellbeing Alchemist and I'm thrilled you found me!. In this upcoming season of wellbeing goodness I will bring on guests to talk about Tantra, Kundalini, Access Bars, and share some inspiring stories of transformation. You will also learn some quick and easy everyday tips to wake up feeling happy, balanced and inspired in spite of our current environment.

  • I will also cover how to clear your energy anywhere-anytime, find Self-love, as well as answer YOUR QUESTIONS and offer tips on navigating the current global health crisis.

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If you have a question or a topic you would like to see covered, send me an email at or drop me a DM on Instagram. I would love to hear from you, and trust me...the world does too.

If you are new to my show, I encourage you to go back to Season 1 +2 and learn more about me and what this podcast is all about. Plus I cover some great topics from The Laws of Attraction, Chakras, CBD, and Detoxing, to following your dreams at any age and manifesting your life.  

Until next time….


Upcoming Events

  • April, 2021 Beach Pray Love Spring Retreat at The LifeCo, Bodrum Turkey, email me for more details

  • Coming to Turkey, Washington, DC or San Antonio Texas and want to be part of my show or studio audience? Shoot me a message or send me a pitch. 

In addition to being a wellness expert and spiritual teacher, I also cover: best tips on, meditation, happiness, healing crystals, how to manifest, best new podcast, abundance, holistic, CBD, how to find self love, love, reiki, astrology, acupuncture, Ayurvedic, yoga, CBD health benefits, The Law of attraction, vegan, how to balance your chakras, spiritual awakening, spirit guides, what is a lightworker, starseed, kundalini, EFT, Tapping, what is an empath

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