A Life With Purpose: Interview with Gül Sönmez. Healing through channeling
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It's not very often in life that we come across a soul that feels like home, and when we do it's incredibly special. In this week's episode I have the pleasure of interviewing just such a person and I'm incredibly excited to introduce you all to her. Meet Gül Sönmez of Purposeful Vibes. Gül's story was so similar to my own that at first it was hard to believe. It was almost as if a movie was scripted on my life, but they switched out the names and locations for production. That is, until I had the opportunity to experience her method of healing. Gül doesn't consider herself a healer, but more of a transformational energy and spiritual coach to guide you past stress and trauma to initiate positive change and truly live your best life.

Just before our interview, I was compelled to request a personal session with her. I take the integrity of this podcast and what I share incredibly seriously and I wanted to make sure I felt I could discuss her methods with authenticity. Let me just say, I was blown away. And as a healer myself who has worked with and interviewed people from all around the world, I don't say that lightly. Within 5 minutes we were deep diving into a block that I have had for nearly my entire life. In fact, not just in this life. There is no way she could have known about this, and it's something have been working on for years but have neglected during the pandemic. (Even healers can get lazy/neglectful with selfcare.) Gül used a form of channeling and I wont give it all away, but it was pretty remarkable. Now keep in mind, I have done a lot of work on myself, and as a healer I was able to let her in effortlessly with out much resistance. It was a wonderful, therapeutic and impactful experience. She definitely has a rare and special gift.

Let me give a small disclaimer that my experience was just a little taste so to speak and is not how it always works. Effective progress is a commitment and I like to recommend you give yourself 3-4 months to feel a significant change or at least a series of sessions. We are not looking for a quick fix, but life changing transformation that will last.

If you're interested in working with Gül, she is in Luxembourg but has a new online, live program coming out this week, so click the link below to learn more. You can also sign up for her newsletter and receive a great complimentary 10 minute guided meditation to your inbox. And as always, I accept no compensation for these interviews. It is truly how I feel.

Take a listen as Gül shares her personal healing story and be ready to feel inspired.

We will also mention:

  • Trusting your life purpose
  • Feeling vulnerable or like a fraud
  • Our personal healing journeys
  • Spirit guides and angels
  • Committing to yourself no matter what
  • Starting over at any age
  • The importance of grounding
  • Transformation

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~ namaste

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