Finding purpose and living in alignment at any age + Season recap
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Hello! In this week's episode I do a short recap of some of the fantastic guests and topics covered so far and give a teaser on what is coming up in the next few weeks including a return visit from A Girl In the Universe who will help guide us through what we can expect energetically over the next 5 months, as well a show on Yoni and female sexuality. There will also be the first show ever specifically on men's health and wellbeing with a fantastic coach.

This episode also includes a motivation rampage on living your life's purpose and finding true alignment at any age! I can't emphasize enough the importance of never giving up, and knowing when to yell "Plot twist" in your own life's story. We are constantly evolving and in many cases so are our desires and needs. *Spoiler alert: Morgan Freeman was 50 before he found his place, Vera Wang designed her first wedding dress at 40, Michale Jordan was cut from his basketball team, and Meryl Streep was told she wasn't pretty enough or talented enough to be an actress....You get the point!

I hope you enjoy this mini episode, all new interviews start up again next week.

Weekly Mantra:

"Things are always working out for me."

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"You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy."

~ namaste

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